Tousled Hair on the Keys

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Keys, Bass & Drums:
tyros4153 jams
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tyros4153 jams
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GlezBass1598 jams
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I tried to do a walking bass on this vertigo jam, but I only managed to get the fundamental notes, too fast to sound good on walking bass option ... maybe later try it Technical info to interested bassists or loopers: - Bass: Marcus Miller bass fretless Thomastik flatwound strings touch on neck pickup - Set EQ bass Flat active EQ with 60% low 50% med 60 % treble - Amplifier: AshDown MiBass 220 watt DI OUT signal + OUT jack signal with flat ...


Esta también muy buena
La idea de esta jam era hacerla tipo jazz funk pero al final me dio por hacerla con swing a 300bpm y así suena muchísimo mejor
May 08 2017 09:08:42
GlezBass Suena cojonuda, no pude seguirte a ese vertigo con el bajo a 300 bpm como era mi intencion... +1
Your choice of bass patterns fits this fast song exceptionally well, Glez! Very nice playing! The fast piano lines and cymbals sound exceptional with your bass patterns than if you played a walking bass!+1
May 06 2017 19:01:03
GlezBass Thanks Dan, to play walking bass at 300 bpm!! you have to be very good and to dominate the scales so well, I made several attempts but I missed notes, the final result was therefore touching fundamental notes on groove +0
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yeah super cool! masterfully:D+1
May 06 2017 18:33:15
GlezBass Thanks Claudia ;) +1
Very cool! Like it very much! :)+1
May 06 2017 14:43:21
GlezBass Thanks mate, I appreciate your opinion +1
Sounds great to me, Mario.. I see what you mean about the speed.. tyros is tickling those keys like a pro. :)+1
May 06 2017 14:08:06
GlezBass Thanks DonT, in other jam #105232, I can continue on walking bass some passages of the piano... :) +1
Way to hang in there. A rather pushed jazz tune that's slightly "edgy".+1
May 06 2017 14:08:34
GlezBass Diabolical jam of tyros4 +1
May 06 2017 21:40:27
Wade He's a fine player, yet it seems that when he posts tunes it's to impress and he doesn't necessarily want anyone else playing on them. Good exercise for you try and fit. As a bass player that's about the only instrument that could be squeezed in. +1
May 07 2017 02:44:36
GlezBass I think we all have a little of this, that is ... we started to play on the jam and we did not leave room for other loopers, the bass has the advantage of being able to play in almost all the jams and during a whole jam he he.
Luis is a great musician very young (only 16 years) and sometimes he comments that he slows down his diabolical jams and leave silences in the jams ;)
It is a pleasure to hear you, I have fun and learn a lot with your jazz geniuses
May 07 2017 04:31:35
Wade Didn't realize he was that young. Terrific talent. Yea, we were all jerks at that age. As for leaving room for others, that depends on your instrument and point of view. Bass and drums seldom are solo instruments, but can do. Keys can be solo or backing quite easily, same with guitar. Sax and voice tend to stand out, but can also drop into backing mode or just leave gaps. Unfortunately it's very easy to hear guitar and key players who could play backing but never do.

Hopefully you weren't referring to me as a jazz player. I'm definitely not! Improvisation does not always = jazz. Jazz is a style I'm familiar with so can "play along". Most jazz players have little/no regard for melody and are happy to play as fast as their chops allow in order to showoff their technical abilities. This is especially true for sax players. While one can admire those with superior technical abilities, I don't want to sound or play like any of them. It's a genre that's being killed by ignoring the integrity of the player and emphasizing the technical aspects of their playing with cut and paste repeated riffs and arpeggios. Nothing could be more boring to the average listener.

It's understandable that most only associate the sax with jazz. It's the Sesame Street and Simpson's cliche of what a saxophone is. Unfortunately unless sax players wise up, their instrument will die along with jazz in the same way the clarinet died (as a pop instrument) along with big band and dixieland music. Sad...
May 07 2017 09:48:42
GlezBass According to his reflection ;) +1
May 07 2017 22:04:47
Wade Ha, creo que tengo esto aunque la traducción no tiene toda la información. +1

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