Moonlight - Sorria (w fretless)

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Fretless bass line for this wonderful jam Alice&Marcelo Technical info to interested bassists or loopers: - Bass: Marcus Miller Sire bass fretless Thomastik flatwound strings touch on neck pickup - Set EQ on the bass: flat active EQ with 60% low 50% med 50 % treble - Amplifier: AshDown MiBass 220 watt DI-OUT signal + OUT-jack signal with flat EQ deep shape tone effect - Effect in the loop in/out amplifier: Pandora Stomp Compressor - Interface: FocusRite Scarlett Solo double IN signal on stereo setting. - ...


Cool Latin bass Mario :)+1
May 21 2017 16:17:02
GlezBass :) +1
Very clever the way you smoothed over those staccato lines and made it flow. Lovely tone and always tasteful.+1
May 08 2017 09:44:02
GlezBass Thanks Wade +1
great job, Mario :W+1
May 07 2017 19:24:31
GlezBass :) :W +1
francisco al
muito bom, Glez. ótimo+1
May 07 2017 19:23:57
francisco al
GlezBass :) +0
Muy buena
Alice sabe hacer muy buenas armonias con su voz
Como al principio pero tomará mas tiempo en grabar
May 07 2017 19:23:46
GlezBass seguro que tardara lo suyo, o bien emplea un armonizador de voces tipo TC Helicon Voice +1
May 07 2017 23:14:44
tyros4 pues no lo se pero a mi no me suena a digital
pienso que las hace ella con su voz y tardara lo suyo... aunque es muy buena idea lo del armonizador
May 08 2017 06:57:34
aleonz Hi guys, when I check Mario reply my comment, I saw this conversation, and I was curious about this conversation (coz I some vocal subject on it), so I go to google translate :)

Thank you for your good ears, Tyros, I never even once use the harmonizer or another plug in to create my harmony, I don't even want to know how to use that because I really love to create it. I can't count how many people think that I use any plugin for my harmony, I take it as a compliment because that's mean I succeed to create a good harmony, that probably sound like a machine work.
I don't mind to take as many time I need to create that harmony. Coz other than it's fun, it gives me a good practice and to learn and sharpen up my ears.

This is my technical explanation of how I'm doing it.
I make, up to 4 vocals for my harmonies sometimes I do 6 (for classical choir), I record 3 vocal layers for each vocal (as close as I can to make it).
1 for the centre, 1 pan to the right, 1 pan to the left.
I don't do copy paste, coz it will lose the sweetness from the real take. because the real 3 different take will create a different vibration, no matter how it sounds just the same.
It will create a good sound when you put it all together, other than giving you the wide sounds.

For this song, I made 3 different vocals to made my harmony, and each of them has 3 layers, so I did 9 vocal tracks just for the harmony.

I usually make 1 temporary raw vocal lead, for me to start building and placing my harmonise after I finished with my harmonies than I did the real take for my lead. It gives me a better mood to sing the lead too,,

:) Hope this can help you to understand to how am I doing my vocal :)
May 08 2017 09:02:37
GlezBass Awesome job Alice!! :o Really cool job methodology, the end result is shocking; I also believe that doing that great work helps to educate your wonderful voice in different tones
Congratulations on your great "analogical" harmonic work without as much underlying technology as we have thought many
May 08 2017 15:44:57
tyros4 Hola Alice, muy buen trabajo
Eso de panear las voces es muy buena idea
You are fast Mario! so good to hear that sweet low ride flowing on this song, you tightly stick with the beat, wonderful play Mario! so happy you jump joining us!+3
May 07 2017 16:06:14
GlezBass Thanks Alice, it´s a pleasure play in this nice jam :) +0

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