Ascending The Temple

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Midoru126 jams
step I
United States
Danalyze451396 jams
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+ 9
0 it SOUNDS on first listen that this could be (or is) totally self indulgent....BUT there is a main theme (that is obvious) that I am weaving that I tried to "develop" based off the themes in the track. I don't know that I captured all that, but that is what was going on in the flow :)


really cool track!+0
Very cool, Dan - thanks so much for the addition. Now, I am certainly one who could never complain about self indulgence :) I think you captured the mood of the piece very well. Great playing and especially good outro from 4:45. It is a complex solo!+0
Lenny Cowler
cool see where you are going with this+1
Lost in the Storm !!!!+1
I thought to this track, I can not play anything, it's enough to yourself. But you showed that it is very possible. Big compliment!+0
francisco al
bom trabalho, Danalyze45+0
Really great sounds Dan and Midoru, it seems its almost peaking this an effect?+1
May 09 2017 06:01:42
Danalyze45 ahhhhh....truth be told (baring of the soul here), I am battling losing my hearing and still adjusting to the new hearing "machines". I recently discovered I have lost literally 50% of my hearing overall and an even larger chunk in 4k which (I have learned) is common for musicians. I was pushing the tone a LOT to get into the space that was there in the mix...but perhaps a little too hot. +1
May 09 2017 06:32:34
ArkRockStudio eh, not really saying it's too hot or mixed wrong, just noticed the waves are really high +2
May 09 2017 13:27:31
Danalyze45 Oh yes...the wave form was pretty thick on the original :) I was thinking my guitar was clipping though because I was pushing it to get into the mids so much where there was some free bandwidth :) +0

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