The Barn Swallows Are Back

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Hello Dear Wikiloopers, Here is a new template... with a new electroacoustic harp & a new recording set... Everything is new... but the girl ! ;-) Have a nice day my friends ! Chords : E-flat; Gm; Cm; Gm
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celtic harp


Great template you composed here. Got ideas... but first listen to your other tracks :)+1
September 28 2017 00:16:37
Caroljoyce The more you go back in time with my tracks, worse the sound quality will be, (here I could not manage to adjust my microphone). But, here are my first tracks : with all my mistakes, rythm, recording, and so on... and no need to veil one's face, one must start one day. Fortunately for me, everyone here is benevolent and very encouraging ... This is wikiloops's spirit, and i'm so glad to know you now too. +0
September 28 2017 18:25:42
heliandros No need to hide one's light under a bushel :). I'm aware that there's always a developement (look at my oldest tracks). After the first two tracks I started with your first track and went on to the newest. Fascinating to hear how you develop your emotions and expression. +1
September 29 2017 08:16:04
Caroljoyce ;) yes, this idiom : "no need to hide one's light under a bushel", in French language, we can say in a funny way : "no need to hide behind one's little finger...". +1
September 29 2017 19:49:37
heliandros L'essentiel me semble tu ne te caches jamais plus n'importe où, n'importe quoi :) Tu sais pas comment tu m'as fait bien avec ta musique. Je t'en remercie, Carol! +1
September 29 2017 23:54:19
Caroljoyce Merci d'écrire en français. J'apprécie le geste. Je suis flattée de savoir que ton retour parmi nous se fasse avec ma musique. Je vais poster d'autres tracks. Promis ! ;) +1
Hi Agnes:)missed this one,really beautiful music from you once more:);)+1
francisco al
muito bonito, Caroljoyce. bom trabalho+1
wunderbar ;o)+1
May 14 2017 21:47:44
Caroljoyce Thank you very much to come here from time to time Ulo :) +0
May 14 2017 21:48:40
Caroljoyce Very grateful for this comment. Thank you very much. +0
Wow Agnes this is so beautiful and so soothing to my mind:)
Total relaxation.... like a wave over me.
Your new harp sounds absolutely fantastic and the recording is so much better. Thank you for this.
Are you sure not a new girl???..;)
May 11 2017 12:44:53
Caroljoyce lol
Very sure My Dear, unfortunately I am not.
Besides, I'll soon have to bring glasses, because i can't see anymore the notes on my music scores ... pfff

PS : Ron ? have you seen my 2 last messages ?
May 11 2017 13:30:04
mortheol Yes...I understand about the glasses:o
I will look for messages..I have had some computer problems and things have been missed:|
so lovely composition, Carol!! your sound is beautifully smooth... <3 :)+1
May 10 2017 14:47:39
Caroljoyce Very glad to read you Joao ! I like smooth music, smooth drinks, smooth pillows and the smooth people like all of you, here ! <3 +2
so wonderful Agnes :)+1
May 10 2017 14:37:04
Caroljoyce Hello Andrea ! Thanks for having a listen my Dear <3 +1
Superb harp sound! Really a wonderful dimension! :)+2
May 10 2017 14:33:54
Caroljoyce I'm sending you a super smile ! Many thanks Stef ! +1

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