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I join titi and Mario here on titi's tribute to Django Reinhardt. I cannot play like the great Django and I do not attempt it, but I can play like my father, grandfather and uncle, my teachers when I began, whom played this style. I remember as a young boy my father telling me about Django. Most everyone here probably know the history of Django but those who may not might find it interesting to know that Django lost two fingers on his ...


Major 3rd
great story about django..I never heard that before..I will have to research django! Fantastic playing and adds.....tasty smooth picking+1
May 12 2017 21:01:59
Major 3rd
FrankieJ He is surely one of the masters.
thanks Major :)
Really fantastic, like it very much!+1
May 12 2017 21:03:12
FrankieJ thanks Peter :) +0
Again and again, Frankie.. you hit my soul with your wonderful music! Thanks so much!!!+1
May 11 2017 19:59:00
FrankieJ thanks Of :) +0
Great play! :)+1
May 11 2017 19:59:19
FrankieJ thanks hartmut :) +0
Uffff!! Woowww!! What a marvel of guitar, awesome Frankie :)+1
May 11 2017 08:31:48
FrankieJ thanks Mario :) +1
I really like your personal style, your fluency and phrasing. Here it is not about cloning a musical style but to giving it personal interpretation and you've done this beautifully by a great guitarist as you are. Fantastic add Frankie! :)+2
May 11 2017 20:08:21
FrankieJ thank you very much Stef :)
an emotional one for me. lots of memories.
Not entirely sure why, yet your playing here reminds me of an old favorite from Los Indios Tabajaras called Maria Elena (1962). You can check it out here:
Not exactly gypsy jazz, but what you played is very beautiful.
May 10 2017 13:44:18
FrankieJ I still listen to Maria Elena from time to time. A long time favorite of mine too. Still have the original album from my fathers collection.
thanks Wade :)
May 10 2017 22:23:47
Wade Oh shit, I've dated myself again. Still have the original vinyl I bought when it first came out. +1
May 10 2017 23:54:06
FrankieJ :D I was 4 in 62. Thinking back my love for Spanish guitar was probably born from Maria Elena and my dad's version on guitar of Malaguena in that time frame.
My granddad and uncle were more gypsy jazz style players.
Blew my mind when you mentioned Maria Elena. I have not spoken to anyone in years that is familiar with that lovely piece.
May 11 2017 02:05:38
Wade Maria Elena still touches me. If this was an influence on your playing then that's more than coincidence. Great music survives...even if only the the hearts of the few who know it or have tapped into it (consciously or subconsciously) as an influence. The potential influence on you as a guitarist could be more direct. For me (as a sax player) it would be subtle and indirect. About 1990 I introduced my wife to this piece and she melted. Has the same effect on her whenever she hears it. +2
Ganz wunderbarer add Frankie und Hut ab vor deinem Vater, deinem Opa und deinem Onkel das sie dir das Gitarre spielen "vererbt" haben ... das hat sich wie man hier hören kann sehr gelohnt ;o)
Das mit den fehlenden Fingern an Djangos linker Hand habe ich auch noch nicht gewusst ... das macht das Wunder noch größer ;o)
May 12 2017 11:09:08
FrankieJ I remain their student.
thank you Uli :)
so beautiful, Frankie!!!!<3:) great sound...+1
May 12 2017 11:14:50
FrankieJ thanks Joao :) +0
Which great present
Your first notes we are charmed by your play. Calmly and precision you carry top this track. The quality of your guitar is indisputable...
Indeed, missed two fingers the big Sir.
Let us imagine we what it would be with all the fingers...
Thank you very much for coming Frank ;)
May 11 2017 08:33:49
FrankieJ thanks titi :) :) +0

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