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did some mix with effects and added some vocals


You simply amaze me with your own style, like no one else :) great work !!!!+1
May 13 2017 00:49:59
GemmyF Thanks Bruce!:) +1
Well at least I know it's not about me anyway .. it's gooseberry wine I made, not elderberry!! haha ... you forgot to take your Ariceptâ„¢! Remember! :O

May 13 2017 00:31:38
GemmyF I bend reality to my whim! Big E!:) +0
Jim, you excel at arranging and mixing but also your vocals are creative with Excellent vocal quality! As usual, so very creative!+1
May 12 2017 17:07:32
GemmyF Thanks Dan! It was a pleasure to work on this one--It might take a couple listens to slip into the mood on this.....When I was in Art school I'd work through the night on a canvas, a go to sleep super happy(couldn't go to sleep until I was super happy) and when I would wake up sometimes I would have to restrain myself from starting right away adjusting and changing the painting...I had to wait till I could find the spot where I felt before I went to sleep(happy with my work)..Then after that I could leave it be...I feel that way about some of the music I do and this one is a pretty good example of that. So if I listen twice it sands away my judgements and lets me hear it for what it is.:D +0
Beyond meditation, beyond the confines of the mind ... incredible creativity Jim! :)+1
May 12 2017 16:27:16
GemmyF Thanks Stef--it started off really beautiful with Wade and ArkRock's play!
Glad you liked it!
:D :) :D
Jim, I'm so happy you are here !! I have so unbelievable fun with you and your music !!!! Thanx so much for all this my friend !! :D GREAT :W
May 12 2017 16:27:42
GemmyF Thanks FrankyG:D:D:Y:) +1
Wow!! haha ..."you're out there" to quote Wade ... hehehe madness!! :D :YB):Y+1
May 12 2017 16:31:19
GemmyF Yeah you're kind of neighbors with that guy!:@ +1
wonderful song & track, wow !!!!! :)+1
May 12 2017 16:41:36
GemmyF thanks AK! +0
I <3 IT :D
Just a day in your all I need:|:P
May 12 2017 04:57:04
GemmyF I sang a lot of this through a empty toilet paper tube. Then when I spoke I got really close to the mic with no Toliet paper tube tube
I was switching back and forth as this was a one take. Just edited volumes and pans and reverb amounts and dry effects.
May 12 2017 04:57:55
GemmyF I wish I had a empty paper towel roll too. +0
Crazy story line. You're out there! Purple, cows in Nova Scotia? A John Adams style oratorio? Mutant Chihuahuas (that's the Zappz influence?) Maybe not? Maybe not?

Like the doubling of lines with the slow delays. Yes...I remember the night...The Queen of the night?
May 12 2017 01:32:17
GemmyF Also the pack of Mutant Chihuahuas is a real story and it's mine--when I was in Puerto Rico surfing one winter. They were like a pack of wolves attacking from a circle one at a time to draw my attention as the ones behind me would lunge at me. I was like a dial on a Geiger Counter and my board was the needle swinging around frantically like I was picking up readings of high levels of the nuclear waste, which the pack of dogs were guarding--they were guard dogs to the first Nuclear Power plant ever --- it had to shut down in the 60s--killed all the reefs around--only fire coral grew on the dead coral and urchines. It was dark already and the only way out was to inch my way to the water where the water was 6 inches deep and old dead coral and urchins. No shoes. They had bee stolen when I was out surfing triple overhead surf at tres palmas--so i was Glasses-less and barefooted for half my trip(5 months). My glasses were in my shoes when they were stolen! +0
May 12 2017 01:25:43
GemmyF Yes my favorite part is the Maybe, maybe not.....My mom when she would fall asleep on her couch(or ours for that matter), she would say uh-huh, unh-uh-- over and over again, plus the instructions you gave on clearing one's mind....and the pitiful "maybe, maybe not" "mantra" I found musically appealing in a timing sense with what you guys were doing and absurd at the same time. +0
May 12 2017 06:23:49
Wade What a story! Of course in the format of the tune it only has relevance to you. Stories like that could also work as a monologue. It still doesn't explain Nova Scotia! +1
May 13 2017 01:36:27
GemmyF Ernie and I conver-sate in the PM and these are references to things about him and his cat and wine making...ect...the Viking mention is about eGil's surf versions of songs one of which was Viking surf song! +0
May 13 2017 01:38:01
GemmyF Of course with embellishment about purple being the new black and a themed party, these I've snagged from the absurd comments--sort of--from the One eyed tube, ect.....:) +1
May 13 2017 04:53:28
Wade I'll just stick with my original're out there! Mind you I like that. +1

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