War is not the answer

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Major 3rd444 jams
step I
Basso91 jams

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I had no idea for a line and then i thought i just support the guitar with some low frequenzy's :D Great track from Major. Like it a lot. I hope you like my add. Thanks for listening. :)
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Major 3rd, Basso, PanzerJager


francisco al
muito bom, Basso+0
Most excellent following Basso !!
Cooler sound :W
Lenny Cowler
perfect line:)+1
perfect bass bro+1
Awesome :W Great Basso+1
Major 3rd
A blitskrieg! nice heavy bottom. We need to get your message to the real rulers who make and create war...the only war should be to end their tyranny over the world & all their fake dishonest wars....which they force upon us. Freedom for all!!! one day....This is awesome man!!!! love what you did....I can feel it...haha thanks!!!! :W 5th time listening !!!+1
May 12 2017 20:55:24
Major 3rd
Basso I agree with you Major. I hope the thousands of years of the evolution was not meaningless. It is not important which weapon we use, a stick or a nuclear bomb. The mankind should learn that whe can solve our problems with words and compromises. Today it is one of the first lessons of every toddler in the lokal kindergarten ;) +2
May 13 2017 04:22:05
Major 3rd
Major 3rd bass sounds awesome...btw..well said on problem solving..seems the more power people get in the world the more they revert to infancy..lolol ;o) +1

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