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acoustic Guitar:
OliVBee653 jams
step I
OliVBee653 jams
Puerto Rico
moonchild136 jams
panpot71 jams
GlezBass1598 jams
step V
New Zealand
Wade401 jams
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+ 23
So many well deserved adds to this lovely track from OliVBee, moonchild, panpot and GlezBass. Tenor sax in (mostly) backing mode.


Oh dear, it's so beautiful...+1
April 04 2018 00:33:51
Wade Thanks so much for your listen. Glad you like. +0
via wikiloops radio
I've been listening to wikiloops radio for about half an hour... now this gem shows up.
Seems I have finally worked out a good automated track-selection on the "one world" radio, it's been 30 minutes listening to good stuff so far.
To hear this tune and realize this is the sound of wikiloops does mean a lot to me, thanks to all participants.
November 21 2017 21:26:11
Wade So glad you like this one, and yes I think it's a good representation of quality and creativity that Wikiloops represents. +0
francisco al
bonito trabalho, Wade+1
May 29 2017 12:28:41
francisco al
Wade Obrigado Francisco por ouvir e seu apoio. +0
Beautiful playing Wade.+1
May 15 2017 00:00:03
Wade Thanks Frankie. Seems easy when the track is beautiful to begin with and there were some nice little slots to fit into. Would love to hear you take a crack at it. +1
Oh yeah let it flow you play so wonderful wade!! :) :)+1
May 14 2017 22:25:58
Wade Thanks Frenzie. I would hope to be able to play with a similar sort of passion as you do. It feels like when you are playing you are 100% committed to every note you play. +1
May 14 2017 22:45:28
frenzie That's my view on your paying actually!! :) +1
a very very good sax on this one Wade...;)+1
May 14 2017 22:23:19
Wade Thanks Nils. Very kind of you to give a listen and comment. Noted that you're in Norway. I go there every year or two as my daughter and her family live there. Maybe we could meet up sometime? +0
May 16 2017 20:00:57
slin yeah that would be cool,i live in Oslo,so just tell me... +1
May 19 2017 00:18:07
Wade Tentatively coming to Oslo in early September. My daughter lives in Maura village near the airport. I can easily take the train to downtown. +1
Awesome Wade, really good sax line and sound with the tenor sax :)+1
May 14 2017 22:20:34
Wade Thanks Mario. Just hopefully going with the flow. +1
Ah ah :D Stefano said everything....+1
May 14 2017 22:28:54
Wade Thanks titi, glad you like. Check out my confession to Stef. Such wonderful compliments he shares, yet I need to "confess". +0
Always at the right time, always at the right point, always with the right intensity and the softness of your enveloping lines. Wade, you first listen and analyze with great intelligence for playing then with your great mastery.+3
May 14 2017 22:15:46
Wade Wish I could own all those wonderful things you're saying. The truth is that some music is easy (the feel and where it's going is understood). Other music, like Salsa, takes hard work. There's seldom any analysis, just play along. My playing is usually continuous so that the rhythm and melodic lines flow. Then comes the hard and long part: editing out all the superfluous lines and adjusting all the dynamics.

Must be a different way of approaching and can only guess that most will figure out what they will play and do that perfectly, then don't need to spend much time editing.

The truth is I'm just a jammer. I hit record and start playing. Sometimes it takes more than one take, but the process is fairly quick. Editing takes me many times longer than recording.

So this is a long confession and I may as well tell all. I can read and write music, but don't enjoy doing either. For me it's all about being in the moment with the feel of what's happening. If I've figured it all out and am just playing a predetermined series of notes it just won't have any life in it. It's not necessarily a good way to approach music, but it's the only way in which I feel good about playing. It would be wonderful to have the discipline and professional attitude to analyze, play written music well and write wonderful compositions. Yours and others abilities at this are amazing to me.
Amazing Wade! Subtle, but yet so powerful <3 :)+1
May 14 2017 21:48:57
Wade Such a nice thing to say. Hopefully we'll have a chance to play together (live) so you can change your mind. Ha! Truth is I edit a lot. +1
May 14 2017 23:54:11
eGiL I'm sure you're a decent live player as well ;) Probably a perfectionist when it comes to recordings, which is good :) +1
May 19 2017 00:09:23
Wade Takes a little while to get used to the feel of other players (live) and understand their quirks, but then it works just because I'm listening more than playing. +0

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