Mojave Nights

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A straightforward, simple acoustic piece. Needs a lot of help =) Thanks for listening !
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unplugged, ballad, acoustic


Jazzy with feeling.+1
May 24 2017 23:22:16
Psycho Thanks Jazzy... I really appreciate the fine words. I feel more creative playing the acoustic, just like many moons ago :) +0
Can imagine sitting around a campfire with the stars overhead.+1
May 22 2017 23:56:48
Psycho Thanks, really appreciate the cool scenario you gave :) :) +0
A very melodic composition, wonderful, thanks for sharing!+1
May 16 2017 00:02:09
Psycho Thanks my friend :) +0
Ahhh, my weekend Bruce acoustic medicine<3 What would I do without it! Love it!+1
May 15 2017 04:42:55
Psycho Always such a touch of niceness from you my friend... thanks you very much Andrea :) <3 +0
Mojave? I though you're from the other side of the continent! No matter I can relate and have spent nights out in the Mojave under the stars. Just the right touch of "cowboy" in this mixed with the big open sky feeling of freedom.+1
May 15 2017 04:40:51
Psycho These titles just pop in my little noggin :) If I was to go there night might be best. It's very cool you have been there, so I dedicate this to you my friend :) +1
May 15 2017 12:41:59
Wade Thanks Bruce. Not so unusual I was in the Mojave. Was born and raised in LA. Was a close place to go and get out of the city and into some peace and quiet. Interesting place...wouldn't want to live there. +1
May 15 2017 15:53:32
DannyK I live there and you're 100% right. I don't want to live here! LOL

Great track Bruce!
May 18 2017 07:47:40
Wade Hey Danny glad I didn't offend! Looked in your profile and it just said Southern California. Barstow? 29 Palms? Lancaster? or parts more scorpion and tarantula? Really liked hiking around the hills in Tehachapi. Great geology. +1
May 18 2017 15:49:05
DannyK In the "High" Desert. We used to live down the mountain in SoCal proper, it's just easier to say Southern California than explain high/low deserts. I live in the Victor Valley area.
The housing market crash of '08 led to some *very* affordable homes so we bought one up here. It brought my wife closer to her job; cut her commute by 2 hours a day (you know this traffic!). The summers are long and hot and the wind can really rattle you - not to mention fire season. I'm still close to downtown L.A. (an hour), though.
Tehachapi is beautiful. Joshua Tree Nat'l Park (near/in 29 Palms) is nice in the winter - great nighttime skies. Barstow is a little closer but nothing there anymore but an outlet mall. My first bass guitar instructor lives in Lancaster - you may have heard of her, Carol Kaye. She's a legend.
Overall I give this area 2/5 stars. Great to visit for camping, hiking, sightseeing, etc. but to live here there really isn't that much going on.
May 18 2017 22:41:35
Wade My yes, I know who Carol Kaye is. She's old like me now ha! Your talking about those areas brings back a flood of memories. I used to have a "quest" to find/visit all the "wild" hot springs. Some were just mud puddles, but it was an excuse to get out and see some otherwise obscure places. Backside of the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains were good hot springs hunting grounds. Also the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Nice for you to be out near some of those wonderful wild places. I can imagine the summer day heat and those ferocious winds not being that nice on a daily basis. +0
very very good guitar Psycho...;)+1
May 15 2017 04:38:15
Psycho Thank you so much slin :) +0
love your acoustic tracks, Bruce.. Great job :) Hmmm.. do I detect another country song? :D+1
May 14 2017 19:29:01
Psycho I hope so :) Thanks Don :D +1
super guitar playing Bruce ;o)+1
May 15 2017 04:37:12
Psycho I really try Uli... thanks very much my friend :) +0
Great track!+1
May 15 2017 04:36:40
Psycho Thanks Ken... I go down my feed and see this thing. I forgot I put it here... lol :) +0
Great playing Bruce!! :)+1
May 15 2017 04:33:53
Psycho Very nice words my friend... I appreciate them :) +1

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