I Hate To See You Go

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I was uber tempted to add a guitar part to this also, but decided to just post some lyrics and allow another looper to have some fun on this great track by Wiseshanks and Ernie440. Room for lead at intro, in the middle and short tag at the end. Hd File is vocals only for mixing or whatever.


May 17 2017 18:53:38
very very cool singing Don_T...:W
+1 May 17 2017 20:57:30 slin Don_T
Thanks Nils... did not want to miss out on bluesday tuesday :)
May 17 2017 04:10:01
Nice one Don!:W:Y
+1 May 17 2017 04:42:27 akethesnaker Don_T
Thanks Ake :)
May 17 2017 03:10:38
great Don, I will try something a little more tasteful and less me, when I get the strat some new strings. Great job!!!
+1 May 17 2017 04:42:52 KMstar Don_T
Cool, bro.. jump on board :)
May 17 2017 04:47:19 KMstar KMstar
trashed a set on this tonight and all the other guitars I own are a little to sizzley for the blues, I can play blues with them but it's just not the same as a strat neck and pickups. good news is the store has them on will call all ready for tomorrow
May 17 2017 00:55:18
This is very cool Don!! :) <3
+1 May 17 2017 02:58:57 eGiL Don_T
Thanks little cowpoke.. love me some blues, and watching a hottie walk away had never been a bad thing :D
May 17 2017 00:26:49
great Don :):):)
+1 May 17 2017 00:27:52 abuitremorem Don_T
Thanks my friend, Rene.. have to do my part to keep bluesday tuesday alive :)
May 16 2017 22:48:36
Super add my friend, well done Don!!!! :) Wasn't expecting that .. vocals on bass .. too cool, thanks a lot .. now to wait for some more bluesman .. :) Happy Bluesday .. owe you another drink! :)
+1 May 16 2017 23:35:21 Ernie440 Don_T
Not a problem Ernie.. you know I like to join you guys on bluesday, so wanted to add guitar, but really hoping someone else will jump on board :)
May 16 2017 22:30:48
Great Don :D amigo
+1 May 16 2017 23:35:48 ivax Don_T
Thank you mi amigo.. we could use some of that hot guitar on this one :D
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