Dragons Quill

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I know this is will disappoint metal heads as this is in the metal section. I'm more of an experimental guitarist. But I tried to keep it interesting...Had fun jamming on this.


Super! This is killer man!<3+1
Good to stretch and go to new places. I don't consider myself a "metal head", yet listen to everything that comes out of Yo-wild (check him out if you haven't already). So much creativity in rhythms and structure/changes. This track takes its time and has a lot of drama which you make the most of.+1
May 22 2017 02:02:08
Acousticeg Yes I have checked Yo-wild out and follow him here on Wiki. He's a great player. There is more than one reason for my attempts at heavier music as of late. Foremost is to grow as a musician and push the boundaries of genre which even the word I dislike. Art no matter what form it takes is a creative expression of the individual. Each particular person and there art need only one word. If I say Steve Via. Right away if you know the name you know the music. If I say Allan Holdsworth or Mozart It's not a genre that comes to mind it's always the music. Every artist is as separate, independent and distinctly unique as the art they create. Just sayin...lol +1
May 22 2017 04:36:06
Wade I hear you! As a sax player I've got more to overcome than most instruments. If you say you play guitar that could be any genre. When someone says they play sax the only picture that comes to mind is the jazz cliche. I've had to work hard to play as many different styles as possible and break the stereotype. Even though others hear a sax not playing jazz they still can't quite overcome their prejudiced listening. The guitar as an instrument isn't going extinct. The sax is following the pattern of the clarinet (in dixieland and big band) by most players limiting themselves to that jazz cliche. Evolve or go extinct. +1
WOW! You set this track on a hellish dragons fire. First off I like how you gave the dragon room to breathe and incorporate the actual right notes. Second, I am a metal head and I am not disappointed but jealous of your ability to play lead guitar the way shown here. This is Fricken amazing it makes me feel so good that my music is being listened to and jammed to. It makes me appreciate my own ability and music I create. Thank you for such a great addition to this track.+1
May 21 2017 08:55:40
Acousticeg I'm very glad you have an open mind to what I played and appreciate my vision and the implications of what I was trying to convey. I was very glad to have found your post and hope to work with you again. In general metal doesn't seem to be accepted and listened to as much as other forms of music. But my goal is to grow as a musician and that means to always have an open mind. No matter what the music there is much to be learned. Hope to hear more from you. +1
You are not an experimental guitarist! You're just a f... great guitarist :)+2
May 21 2017 08:56:33
Acousticeg Thanks so much my friend! +1
Lenny Cowler
Awesome AC :D fantastic+1
This is the best stuff I've heard from you yet. This literally sounds like something from the Shrapnel Records catalog! Blazing on 🔥 man!!!!!!+1
May 21 2017 08:37:49
Acousticeg I have a Shrapnel Records Collection. I really miss that kind of open minded free style of playing. +1

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