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Went digging through the great wealth of music here and chose this brilliant track by DFD, ake, and docnat. Thanks, hope it worked =)
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pop, alternative, rock, jazz, fusion


Bruce, your guitar work is really excellent !!
Great theme you composed and very cool variations.
You tell a great story with the lady!! :D :W :D
May 24 2017 00:28:30
Psycho Well thanks Franky, I've been here a little over two years and all you guys have had such a huge influence in my interest in playing again. I'll surely keep coming back as long as we can keep this place going :) +1
Bruce, you are in that rare class of guitar players for me that have their own unique sound. Instantly I know it is you if I was blindfolded. Such a signiture sound but also your great a human voice all yours, but thru those fingers:D
May 24 2017 01:03:05
Psycho Well, thanks very much Ron, you are very kind in your words my good friend. Although I learned the instrument many years ago, it wasn't until I found this place which renewed my interest to pick the guitar back up after many years of taking up closet space. So I owe it all to everybody here, I honestly do. All you guys and the fantastic styles of music here at the loops have given this old guy one last chance to try and be creative once again :) +1
Diggin it+1
May 23 2017 00:23:58
Psycho Thanks Ac... greatly appreciated :) +0
Oh yes it worked! :) :Y+1
May 23 2017 00:24:48
Psycho Tried to go with the flow, nice and ez. Thank you eG :) +1
oh yeah! so good!:o+1
May 24 2017 00:07:19
Psycho Thanks Claudia... this one felt right :) +0
fantastic Psych :D great my friend+1
May 24 2017 00:08:09
Psycho Thanks ivax... a great backing track sure helps :) +0
Great played - sounds super :) :) :) - nice to hear you again. Were you away?+1
May 24 2017 00:10:18
Psycho Thanks abu... very nice of you. I've been here to listen but I've been really busy with not much time to play until the other day :) +1
Great man, sweet vintage rock tone on that thang! Nicely played Bruce. :W Congrats to all .. rockin' playin' guys!+1
May 24 2017 00:11:12
Psycho Thanks Ernie, yes, this track was the perfect one for the mood the other day. Must give them the credit :) +1
Nice soloing Bruce!;)<3+1
May 24 2017 00:12:20
Psycho Thanks ake... you have so many fantastic tracks to work with here. We all thank you for that, and I had a great time playing to this one :) +0
Great solo Psycho! Your guitar sound is awesome <3 😃🎸🎶🎵♪♬♭+1
May 24 2017 00:14:12
Psycho Thanks jj... been playing with modulation/distortion tones lately, but try not to completely lose my signature :) +0

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