a song for aretḗ with guitar

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caught a whiff of this beautiful tune whilst rummaging through the loops libraries, its long complex and lovely......so not a tune i should really be around.anyhow i downloaded, thinking maybe it was repetitive enough that i could shorten it to something i could manage to do....wrong! this, when you REALLY listen is the real deal! no repeats or overlaps to work with for changing length...so only one thing left to do, listen twice more then .....play it beginning to end one ...


I find it so hard to play along with keys, but I've tried a few, and I think you did a wonderful job over this... well done... enjoyed :) !!!+2
Good capture of the feel of this and nice melodic lines.+1
Fantastic 😎+1
a very very good add kimbo...;)+1
Great to hear you & your fine playing Mr K !!
Beautiful template choice to jam with & a fine add, good stuff.. ;)
sweet :)+0
May 24 2017 01:52:22
kimbo yeah...real sugar...no aspartame! +1
Fabulous job! And you´re right, this one is not too easy, no real loops in it and some changes to keep the listeners attention. You did some very fine and colourful lines here, fantastic playing. drums support this as well. Bravo, Kimbo!+0
May 24 2017 12:36:43
kimbo So glad you approve. Love your work +1
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