The Old Wardrobe

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A hauntingly beautiful song from Agnes. I was instantly pulled in to give it a try. It was not an easy one for me but I hope the result is good. I played my nylon string classical for this. The title is inspired from the creak of the wardrobe at 0:35 in Agnes's original recording. Agnes Thank You very much for your wonderful harp that you bring to Wikiloops:D Enjoy...:)
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Classical, Harp, Acoustic guitar


Once again Ron: What you do with the harp is fantastic, and I've seen you helped Carol too. I think this is great - thanks so we all go on.+1
June 03 2017 14:16:16
mortheol Thank you very much Rene:)
It is fantastic to play along with this instrument for me.
Hello Ron,
While I am reading your comments here, I understand that you were afraid to cover the harp with your guitar. But, all is well in fact, your balance is good. Great. I'm glad you're playing with me on this song. I recognize your play of a little cat that meows by scratching his guitar ... and also, the sound of your classical guitar, the one i prefer among all of yours.
Thank you. Thank you very much Ron.
You made my day, and i was working with this tune in my ears all day long.<3
June 01 2017 14:07:03
mortheol Agnes it is a honor for me to play with you:)
I have loved the harp since I was a small child and to finally find you here playing this wonderful instrument is fantastic.
But to be able to play music with it and you is a dream for me.:)
Thank you from my <3
I hope we do more together!
June 01 2017 23:24:36
Caroljoyce Sure we'll do ! And very moved by your last words. Thanks... +1
Gorgeous! Stunningly gorgeous!+1
June 01 2017 14:03:01
mortheol Thank you very much Mr.Fast:)
It was a challenge but I am happy with result.
wonderful add, so peaceful+1
May 29 2017 04:31:54
mortheol Danke Andrea:D
It was fun to try this:)
Man, you say you struggled a bit, but I hear no pain here. What a beautiful job Ron :W :W+1
May 29 2017 02:18:16
mortheol Thanks Bruce, it is a tricky playing with the harp. So gentle you dont want to walk over it:)
I am happy you like the result.
Beautiful! Love the depth you added to Agne's
Beautiful melody. :)
May 29 2017 02:19:40
mortheol Thanks Patty, not easy for me to play with and not cross the same tonal frequency or over power the harp.
I am glad this came out good:)
You really shouldn't get this double thumb and big smile as there is an inaccuracy in your instrument declaration!

Two acoustic guitars. Not one Two. I wasn't prepared for two guitars. But I adjusted after I GOT OVER THE FALSE INFO YOU DISPLAYED...Also was that the cat in my left ear or the wife?
Anyway you got Mr Big Smile and Double thumbs!
May 28 2017 15:21:36
mortheol Jim, I must say you were one very handsome devil in your younger days:)
You also looked pretty happy:D
Well...I seriously apologize for my error in the declaration. It was late and my mind was burned trying to play this delicate piece over and over and keep the guitar in tune.:|
I have just fixed it for you in an effort to regain you confidence in me...B)
May 28 2017 15:26:43
GemmyF Yeah well.......That guy is Mr. Random, I met him on an internet search, and he and I, and hopefully now you, enjoy the Double Thumb and Big Smile, As well as his Savoir-faire, though I think he is Not French! +2
May 28 2017 15:28:30
mortheol Are you sure???:|
I swear he is like your Doppelganger:P
May 28 2017 15:31:20
GemmyF Oh actually, he is related to Mr. Doppelganger---I think his 2nd cousin. He's also pretty good friends with Kurt Russell and Goldie!:D +2
May 28 2017 16:43:32
piper I just went shopping with Kurt the other day! He wanted a fur line sink for his work shop!:P +2
May 28 2017 16:45:45
GemmyF Don't we all! +2
May 28 2017 16:47:02
GemmyF If you meant a fur-lined sink, well NO brainer, Everybody wants one or two of those!!!! +2
May 28 2017 16:55:00
piper Yes! Sorry for the lack my lack of Orthography!:o +2
such a beautiful add mortheol...;)+1
May 29 2017 02:20:34
mortheol Thank you very much Slin. I love the challenge of playing with Agnes's harp:) +1
super ad Ron!!!! :)+1
May 29 2017 02:21:16
mortheol Thank you very much Rene:)
I am still learning how to record well with this guitar.
May 29 2017 06:12:52
abuitremorem you make it very good :) +0
Wonderful and inspired played Ron!! <3
You both together soundi fantastic, very nice and peaceful:)
May 29 2017 02:23:19
mortheol Thank you so much Frank:)
It is a good challenge to play with Agnes's harp and find the right the right balance. It is so gentle.

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