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Jazzy bass line with fretless bass, a little solo from 2:26 to 2:45 on the groove Technical info to interested bassists or loopers: - Bass: Marcus Miller Sire bass fretless Thomastik flatwound strings touch on neck pickup 70% bridge sound pickups - Set EQ on the bass: flat active EQ with 50% low 50% med 60 % treble - Amplifier: AshDown MiBass 220 watt DI-OUT signal + OUT-jack signal with flat EQ with deep tone effect (like upright bass) - Effect in the loop in/out ...


Sounds great Mario! Nice track!! Smooth stuff. :)+1
May 29 2017 22:20:53
GlezBass Thanks so much mate ;) +1
very good:)+1
May 29 2017 22:21:07
Lenny Cowler
GlezBass Thanks Lenny :) +0
Fantastic sound and wonderful bassline Mario. GREAT bass solo. :W+1
May 29 2017 22:21:22
GlezBass Thanks so much Peter :D +1
muito bom, GlezBass. teu baixo tá bem compactado com a levada do piano. eu também fiz o solo de acordo com a levada do piano. talvez: Se antes tivesse a bateria eu poderia ter feito o solo com outra levada de jazz mais contemporâneo. neste caso, seguimos o mesmo raciocino de seguir a levada do piano.+1
May 29 2017 23:01:24
francisco al
GlezBass graças francisco um bom trabalho de tudo ;) +0
May 29 2017 23:42:14
francisco al
francisco al Sim: Trabalho de todos. Agradeço também ArkRockStudio com esse piano maravilho e Demian e a você +2
Awesome stuff Glez. Great add.:W+1
May 29 2017 23:04:37
GlezBass Since I listen your template was interested in doing a bass line, demian and francisco I was encouraged to fill a jam with bass line ;) :D +0
Nice light jazz with a great bass presence that works so well.+1
May 29 2017 23:46:33
GlezBass Thanks Wade +1
Muy bueno!! me dan ganas de grabar de nuevo la bata y corregir algunos errores! Muy linda jam!+1
May 29 2017 23:49:18
GlezBass Si hay errores son imperceptibles amigo, yo tambien tengo por ahi alguna nota suelta je je ;) Puse un poco de mas agudos en la bateria para que sonaran bien escobillas y platillos +1
May 29 2017 23:52:24
Demian Lo cierto es que es bien improvisado, así que es lógico algún errorcillo, jaja. creo sobre todo que al estar el bajo la batería podría ser un poco mas simple, menos fills. Pero esta muy bueno igualmente! +1
May 29 2017 23:53:58
GlezBass A mi me ha encantado, ha quedado "redonda" +0
May 29 2017 23:55:21
Demian Gracias compañero! +1
Nice jazz -excellent addition!+1
May 30 2017 00:07:10
GlezBass Thanks Midoru +0
Fantastic. Love that solo too.+1
May 30 2017 09:49:53
GlezBass Thanks so much Tom ;) +1
Great jazz bass lines, Glez! 3:30-to the end is awesome,, my friend!+1
May 30 2017 18:20:24
GlezBass Thanks so much Dan. Glad you like it ;) +0
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