Fritanga Jazzy Blues

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Simonymous277 jams
step I
GlezBass1891 jams

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Oh yeahhhh.... fretless groovy jazz bass line, with some harmonics bass lost by the groove. To enjoy soloists loopers Technical info to interested bassists or loopers: - Bass: Marcus Miller Sire bass fretless Thomastik flatwound strings touch on neck pickup - Set EQ on the bass: flat active EQ with 60% low 50% med 60 % treble - Amplifier: AshDown MiBass 220 watt DI-OUT signal + OUT-jack signal with flat EQ - Effect in the loop in/out amplifier: Pandora Stomp Compressor - Interface: FocusRite Scarlett ...


Oh my..I missed this...spunds like some fun :D+1
May 22 2018 19:08:25
GlezBass ;) +0
As always, great bass line!:)+1
June 18 2017 19:34:12
GlezBass Thanks so much Pewi +1
jazz blues
muy bonita
June 07 2017 21:19:12
GlezBass totalmente jazzy ;) +1
francisco al
agora estou ouvindo o som do teu baixo. o notebook do meu irmão tem o som muito agudo e o baixo não aparece. agora estou em casa e te ouço perfeitamente. ótimo trabalho, Glez. esse timbre é muito bom em gravação+1
June 04 2017 10:54:32
francisco al
GlezBass obrigado francisco, em computadores sem necessidade bassy usar fones de ouvido para apreciar plenamente os ritmos de baixo +0
June 05 2017 04:25:27
francisco al
francisco al em casa é melhor de ouvir, tenho duas caixinha que dá pra ouvir legal. +1
June 02 2017 21:14:08
GlezBass Thanks jm! :) +1
Great line! Now I really want a fretless bass for the collection.+1
June 01 2017 20:54:04
GlezBass Thanks mate. Love it the fretless bass sound and his touch. This is the employed in the jam
June 01 2017 20:57:49
BlueBaloo Nice looking bass and it obviously plays well. It has been added to the "things I'm going to buy when I win the lottery" list. +1
June 01 2017 21:03:30
GlezBass Ha ha ha Good desire!! my bass is modified by a luthier since one of series, when it is decided to acquire a fretless, look the Marcus Miller Sire V7 Bass fretless, are very good really economically for the quality they offer, with the lines of frets marked n the fretboard it will be easier to start playing with them ;) +1
June 01 2017 21:11:21
BlueBaloo Currently, my one and only "fretless" bass is a cheap garage sale model that some bandmates bought and proceeded to take the frets out themselves, repainted in a Holstein cow pattern, then put flatwound strings on it. It actually (sort of) works and makes me smile when I see it. +0
francisco al
bom trabalho, GlezBass. a internet cai a todo instante. domingo vou te ouvir em casa.+1
June 01 2017 19:49:29
francisco al
GlezBass obrigado +0
Very very nice Mario .. like this one a lot!! :)+1
June 01 2017 19:49:20
GlezBass Thanks a lot Ernie :) +1
Lenny Cowler
May 31 2017 22:12:05
Lenny Cowler
GlezBass Thanks Lenny :) +1

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