Fritanga Jazzy Blues

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Brings me back to the big band style blues of yesteryear that held me in amazement listening to and playing in big band settings. Simonymous and Glez created a real swinging performance that I could not resist. I added backing to the piano at 0:45-1:05, 2:34-2:50, 3:16-3:27 and solo 1:08-1:46. There is lots of space for many other soloists.
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Jazz, Swing, Big Band, sax


What an excellent track! I like the "blower sets" of you very well, I realize that you have a lot of experience with this kind of music. But Dan your solo is awesome!:)+1
June 01 2017 01:43:52
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Peter for your very kind words! +1
June 01 2017 01:44:28
Lenny Cowler
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Lenny! +1
Wow Dan absolutely awesome, so jazzy jam, love it. Please the next looper....+1
June 01 2017 01:48:57
Itocpogo Thank You, Glez! I am do thrilled how you all swing so hard and with cool elegance! I love this type of swinging blues! +0
You play here again a beautiful Sax. The three-part construction of your ads like me very much and I try to learn from it. Thanks Dan :) :)+1
June 01 2017 01:50:22
Itocpogo Thanks, so much Rene, I appreciate your gracious words! +0
Cool jazz track and your groovy jazzy sax sets it off in a very nice way ... go cat go!! :);)+1
June 01 2017 16:37:08
Itocpogo Thank You very much Ernie, I appreciate it! +1
Solid jazz lines with great mood Dan! So expressive! Jazz blues of class with your backing and a super solo! :)+1
June 02 2017 16:26:53
Itocpogo Thank You so much Stef! I LOVE this type of music!! My friend there is so much open space for other solos! +0
A very cool jazzy and super swinging sax Dan!! Sounds just very nice !!! :)+0
June 02 2017 16:27:38
Itocpogo Thanks Franky, I a appreciate and am humbled by your kind words! +1
muito bom, Itocpogo+0
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