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Thank you Ark for the great Template:) Guitar (strat) starts 0:55. Right in stereo image. Kemper Profile Vab Clean 2 (M.Franzkowiak, modified (boost, chrome, 2nd chorus). Mix: cutoff_40 Mhz, noisegate, variverb Master: stereoenhancer+limiter Zoom UAC-8 Asio, 24 bit,44100 Hz


Nice ONE!!!
Enjoyed it Mucho!
June 02 2017 15:14:17
abuitremorem And you immediately found a suitable picture - wow! Thank you +1
June 02 2017 15:37:58
Leftdaloops1019 been enjoying listening and rummaging through Bing's photos--I did give the traffic suggestion.... +1
June 02 2017 21:04:15
ArkRockStudio How do you get pictures in chat? +1
June 02 2017 21:04:31
ArkRockStudio Funny picture:) +0
June 02 2017 21:39:17
Leftdaloops1019 Sent you directions in some other song you asked about how to......:@ +1
June 02 2017 21:47:14
ArkRockStudio Tell me again i don't remember which song. +0
June 02 2017 22:17:06
Leftdaloops1019 rule # 1 they have to be on secure servers
rule # 2 you click the middle Icon on the right, and paste the URL from the photo you want to show up.
Rule# 3 if the photo doesn't show up after you hit post compliment then it is not on a secure server---- https
very cool rene! A tantalizing wave of sounds....great work by you both! cheers :D+2
June 03 2017 13:01:50
Major 3rd
abuitremorem Thank you Craig :) +0
Wie hab ich diese "Musikkreationen" vermisst (ich war in den Ferien:)). Wieder ein faszinierendes Werk von Dir!+2
June 11 2017 17:58:35
abuitremorem Habe ich mir gedacht. Ich hoffe, Du bist gut erholt und hast aufgetankt. Der Alltag wartet :) Ich freue mich, dass Du wieder dabei bist. +1
Genialer Sound Rene, wie aus einer anderen Welt!! :)+1
June 02 2017 17:21:28
abuitremorem Danke Armin. Ein grosser Teil ist Mix :):):) +0
Very cool and creative, Rene! I love how you build. 3:00- your lines are so free but always in control and telling a beautiful story+1
June 02 2017 17:22:54
abuitremorem Thank you Dan. I am very happy about your comment. +0
wow Rene this is a very very cool add...:W+1
June 02 2017 21:00:24
abuitremorem Thank you Nils :) +0
WoWoWoWoW ........... !! :)+1
June 02 2017 21:04:22
abuitremorem Freut mich Andrea :) +1
Dude, you are great at what you do!!:)+1
June 02 2017 21:05:59
abuitremorem Thank you - I hope you relax between the music also from time to time :) :) :) :) :) +1
June 02 2017 21:21:21
ArkRockStudio Nope. I never relax. :) +0
June 02 2017 21:38:03
ArkRockStudio I'm just joking...Relaxing is a big thing for me. +1
June 02 2017 21:48:21
abuitremorem You are very productive. Take care +0
Very cool Rene.:)
You are a true original. You always have a unique approach that is inspiring and fresh:D
June 02 2017 21:46:26
abuitremorem This is very nice said Ron:D thank you very much. +1
Ha, Avantgarde ist ein alter Hut von Vorgestern!! Long live wikiloops ‼️‼️‼️
Sehr cool and unique René und ich stimme Ron völlig zu :W
June 02 2017 22:03:42
abuitremorem Es macht Spass Deinen Kommentar zu lesen Franky. Wenn ich Ron richtig verstehe, spiele ich immer etwas gegen die Erwartung - aber nicht mit Absicht :) Vielen Dank +1
June 02 2017 22:15:16
frankyguitar So ungefähr würde ich es auch sehen. Oder mit einer eigenen Sicht auf die Musik. Jeder erlebt Musik anders (ganz klar, sonst würde es womöglich nur Hitparadenschmus geben) , habe ich mal eben von Uli geklaut:W
Und genau das machen Deine adds immer so spannend! Danke dafür René :)
June 02 2017 22:45:09

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