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Stella Wrote and sang on another branch of her rocking template.
I played a guitar with eGil on bass then when I heard Greg's really cool ROCKING Drums I deleted my add as it didn't sharpen the blade.

So I took the Guitar and some of the Lyrics(65%--by Stella)
and sang a different version.

VERY Nice Stella and Greg!


June 12 2017 22:01:12
Your voice and this track actually reminds me of The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour era!! :)
+1 June 12 2017 22:23:15 Stella GemmyF
I was trying to have that British(since I had listened to your's at least 50 times or more to get a good guitar track) feel, maybe like a sex pistols, or early early early U2, but I did listen to "the Magical Mystery Tour" a lot when I was a kid--"Strawberry fields forever!"
June 11 2017 22:26:19
Cool singing Jim and good choice of effects :)
+1 June 11 2017 22:45:12 adu GemmyF
thanks adu!*>:)
June 11 2017 17:56:34
Wow! Really cool take Jim!! :) <3 Ah, just noticed that i didn't include a HD file for the bass :/ Stupid me :D
+1 June 11 2017 18:14:39 eGiL GemmyF
It wouldn't have fit with the new drums!:D
June 11 2017 18:18:35 eGiL eGiL
The new bass line will fit ;)
June 11 2017 18:22:00 eGiL GemmyF
Yeah the drums really set the pace! on it---you can hear the guitar part really well too, because I sang something different than it(the guitar part) so you can hear it through the vocals
June 11 2017 04:51:31
Fantastic Jim...really Good:D
+1 June 11 2017 05:22:13 mortheol GemmyF
Thanks Ron!:)
June 10 2017 10:37:57
Omg. It sounds amazing! So cool.
Sooooo much better than my version *sniff sniff*

+1 June 10 2017 15:40:35 Stella GemmyF
Great Template Stell, after playing guitar on it for about an hour, uploading it to eGil's bass, I took it down once I heard Greg's drums. Ahhh, no vocals on it, so I tired it, loved initial take(after hearing it for an hour I still couldn't follow what you did, so I just had to do, what I could, to try to make a complete track, was going to try to incorporate your "What do you want from me" but I had written a song years ago with that line....and tried to push the perspective, that it wasn't me asking the question, but the Lord asking the question....what do you want from me? There is a verse in Matthew(20s) that says "You have not because you ask not"....It has really been sticking with me since I read it in the last few weeks. We have the world situtaion, we have our own "poor condition" and we even have earthly needs, physical needs.....that we could be asking for...but that sure hurts our pride...(how Satanic is that?):@:|
June 10 2017 16:46:27 Stella Stella
Mekhahbel in Hebrew means terrorist. That's even more satanic 💣
I wanted to write a song that wasn't really damning or predictable. One that you could just listen to the lyrics and it could be about anything, good verses bad / light verses dark.
Thankyou so much for your awesome version :)
June 10 2017 09:15:44
Fabulous Gemmy! Love it!
+1 June 10 2017 15:41:40 FrankieJ GemmyF
Thanks Franky Always Appreciate the listen!
June 10 2017 08:35:48
cool, wow, very good :) !!!
+1 June 10 2017 15:42:18 AKchen GemmyF
Thanks Andrea! appreciate mucho!:)
June 10 2017 02:43:38
Fantastic Gemmy :D
+1 June 10 2017 15:42:43 ivax GemmyF
Thanks XAVI!
June 10 2017 02:17:07
I want you to keep singing Gemmy:)

June 10 2017 01:44:27
Cool tune .. I don't want anything .. a beer at the very most! :)

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