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The summer period of my habitat is often characterized by untidy weather. This summer is no exception. Inspired by the sound of rain against my windows, I wrote this little song. Please feel free to make any kind of adds you would like. Thank you very much for listening. Peter :)


WOW! So far this is my favorite track of yours! I love this! I love music that flows! Add the orchestration to it and breaks out nicely. I could listen to this for hours.+0
January 12 2018 15:26:28
Peterpingo Thank you so much Joe (is that right?) Raindrops is one of a few track with a little more "classical sound" I made on the Loops. Facts is that I have never played classical music. It´s all Wikiloops´ merit. Wiki is to me not just a great place to play with other great people. It is as well an endless amount of possibilities to get inspired by other people. Thank you so much my friend. +0
January 12 2018 15:34:17
Relativity Yes its Joe. But isnt that what the Loops is for? Trying things we normally wouldnt try? It is still very good "orchestration". The way the song goes from pretty solo guitar , breaks out , then just flows like a river sounds phenomenal! Really Peter...great job! Theres alot of emotion going on throughout this song. +1
January 12 2018 15:38:23
Peterpingo You leave me speechless Joe. Thank you so very much. The track called "Just A Moment" has a little of the same feeling.-just a little more strings and an Organ part if you want to check it out. :) THX So much. :) +1
January 12 2018 15:44:26
Peterpingo Track # 105225 ;) +1
January 12 2018 15:53:10
Relativity Yes of course! I will be around shortly.You remind me of Heliandros. That is a huge compliment because I admire him greatly. If you never heard him, you may want to look him up. Look deep into his music. There are alot of beautiful gems well worth the effort. #28853 is a favorite. Great stuff Peter! Im glad I caught that remix by Alice this morning! +1
January 12 2018 15:56:11
Peterpingo I´m so glad you did too. I´m very pleased by all your kind words and hopefully we can make a lot of great tracks and adds together. THX so much Joe. :) +1
Peter, your compositions are always an extraordinary musical pleasure! Many thanks for sharing:)+1
June 13 2017 04:55:10
Peterpingo Thank you very much Peter. I´m very glad to read your kind words. :) +0
francisco al
é um clássico. bom trabalho, Peterpingo+1
June 12 2017 10:16:24
francisco al
Peterpingo Thank you very much my friend. :) +0
Beau travail comme d'habitude Peter:W+1
June 12 2017 00:13:12
Peterpingo Thank you very much Mierel. These are very kind words. THX friend. :) +0
such a beautiful template Peter...;)+1
June 12 2017 00:11:17
Peterpingo Thank you so much Slin. Very glad you like. :) +1
wonderful track ;o)+1
June 11 2017 07:17:28
Peterpingo Thank you very much Uloisius. I appreciate your comment very much. :) +1
very nice classical template! awesome melodic line!!!!:) :) <3+1
June 10 2017 19:40:30
Peterpingo Thank you Joao. :) I´m glad you think so. +0
Fantastic composition Peter, so good :)+1
June 10 2017 10:43:23
Peterpingo Thanks Mario. :) Glad you think so. Much appreciated. +1
Superb Peter <3 full of feeling+1
June 10 2017 10:42:32
Peterpingo Thanks my friend. I´m so glad you like. :) +1
like your music:W+1
June 10 2017 10:42:01
Peterpingo Thank you very much Master. I´m very glad you like it. THX for listening. :) +0

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