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I had to try it. When I heard this track it really fired me up.
So I decided to try a lead on it. I like the metal genre but I've never attempted to play it. Much respect out to my band mates here. It took everything I had to try to keep up with you guys and I still ended up having a major hand cramp after my
40 second lead attempt. But I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the jam.


June 12 2017 17:17:22
Cool man, sounds realy nice, have a great cut trough mix kinda tone, love it! Guess me wrong but feels like stereo kinda delay fx... anyway :W
+1 June 12 2017 20:10:45 YoWild FrankieJ
thanks man. Incredible playing and template from you!

Guitar is recorded in stereo thru Overloud TH3 amp sim software into the daw.
The amp sim used is Roland JC-120 with matching 2/12 cabinet.
A Brunetti Vanilla pedal sim for distortion and stock TH3 digital delay.
Played the strat.
June 14 2017 21:48:32 YoWild YoWild
I have looked up Overloud TH3 and, man it sounds great, dunno does it djent but... clearly rocking stuff you play with :W
June 15 2017 22:00:01 YoWild FrankieJ
Some good tutorials on youtube.
[url=]th3 djent[/url]
June 11 2017 20:41:48
Great lead bro.
+2 June 11 2017 21:43:22 shumdrummer FrankieJ
thanks. Awesome drumming shum.
June 11 2017 18:57:33
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
crazy wild lead! awesome man!!!!!! insane good
+1 June 11 2017 21:50:57 Major 3rd FrankieJ
thanks Major :)
June 11 2017 17:43:58
amazing solo FrankieJ...:W:D
+1 June 11 2017 21:51:47 slin FrankieJ
thanks slin :)
June 11 2017 17:20:14
cody trippcody tripp
Crazy GOOD . Love it !!
+1 June 11 2017 21:53:58 cody tripp FrankieJ
thanks Tom :)
June 11 2017 15:02:55
Ehi Frankie, then you tell me I'm fast .... after listening to you here I feel like a snail ... :) Apart from the jokes with your amazing technique you can excel in every kind of music! Your phrasing is deadly !! So good! :)
+1 June 11 2017 21:58:58 Stef FrankieJ
You are fast Stef and you can maintain it. A short premature spurt for me :) thanks Stef :)
June 11 2017 22:34:26 Stef Stef
Speed without expressivity has little value ... your expressiveness in phrasing is phenomenal Frankie.
June 11 2017 13:26:29
Well, you got me in awe mister... just goes to show you're the all around player. Sounds awesome and I can relate to the cramps :) :W :W
+1 June 11 2017 22:10:53 Psycho FrankieJ
Coming from you make me feel I accomplished something here.
Yes, those damn cramps seem to occur often these days. I fear my days are numbered. thanks bro.
June 11 2017 12:55:03
GREAT lead Frankie!! That was super, thanks!! haha .. I got a cramp just thinking about playing that fast!! :W
+1 June 11 2017 22:17:31 Ernie440 FrankieJ
Ernie your bass line sealed the deal for me on this one. Could not resist jumping in there if only for a moment :)
thanks bro :)
June 11 2017 23:08:02 Ernie440 Ernie440
It was funtastic my friend :) Who knew'd you'd skewer a metal track? Great!! :) You should try it more often. Fun! I never played anything like this either until the loops ...
June 11 2017 10:11:29
absolut cool ;o)
+1 June 11 2017 23:06:47 Uloisius FrankieJ
thanks Uli :)
June 11 2017 08:15:50
Great solo FrankieJ, but still more I admire that you changed the division and tried this (I need probably still a few years).
+1 June 11 2017 23:09:11 abuitremorem FrankieJ
One of the great things about Wikiloops.
Affords us the opportunity to try different things.
thanks Rene :)
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