The clearing gives light

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step I
United States
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I Promise I will return all feedback from recent tracks very soon, I have read all of your recent comments and greatly a appreciate them !! on this cooolio track I added plains style native flute, this time no effects. just raw flute... I hope you enjoy as much as I did playing :) I tried some new stuff in experimentation :) hope it works ok, :) Thanks for killer fun backer and for listen ...
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Native american flute,


francisco al
bom trabalho de flauta, HiFiFlutes+1
October 22 2017 17:38:06
francisco al
HiFiFlutes :) :) :) :) :) Many thanks my friend :) :) :) :) :) +0
Big compliment!! Your decision to work without effects in my opinion is very good! The archaic character fits very well to the basictrack!+1
October 22 2017 17:36:59
HiFiFlutes Hi Pewi:) THANKS MAN. I'm pleased you dig this. Today is catch up day on feedback, I would say I'm a tad behind ... I will try not to let this happen again.. I have been enjoying some of your new music lately. Nice works :):):) +0
:WYou play very well!+1
October 22 2017 17:35:08
HiFiFlutes Het there ARK :) Thanks my friend, Very nice compliment is very much appreciated, Though one may not think so due to my slowness in response. Again GREATLY APPRECIATED :) +0
Amazing work Chris !!! Thanks very much for this !!+1
October 22 2017 17:33:37
HiFiFlutes Howdy :) Thanks man.... I'm super pleased you dig this play. Loved playing this tune. I feel badly about my slacking in feedback response. I will not let myself get so behind again. Thanks for killer track to jam with ! Coolio :) +0
Good to hear you taking your flute to new heights Chris!!!+1
October 22 2017 17:31:34
HiFiFlutes Hi Bothen ! Thanks my friend. Nice compliment is greatly appreciated. That is a very motivating statement :):):):) COOL ! +0
Major 3rd
wow, this is so nice!!!! :D what a great fit...+1
October 22 2017 17:30:00
Major 3rd
HiFiFlutes Howdy major :) Glad you like this here tune :) Cool . Thx my friend . Sorry for xtra long delay in response :) +0
Lenny Cowler
June 11 2017 18:06:33
Lenny Cowler
HiFiFlutes Thanks for excellent compliment my friend, I'm glad you enjoyed some of this new technique :) Messin with air control a bit :):):) +1
Have you got other recent tracks? I've missed that wonderful flute play. Great sounds here my friend :) :W+0
June 11 2017 18:05:35
HiFiFlutes Howdy there stranger... Glad you enjoyed this here play..... I am referring to my personal lapse of responsibility in replying to others comments on my tracks.... Soon I will be on some fresh ground so as to move forward on correct path :) I don't have as many lately cuz I get fixated on a track for days at a time... very much practice these days.... Thanks Bruce, Sorry I have been out in a funk.. back with you shortly :))::) +0
it works awesome :) love it <3+0
June 11 2017 18:01:53
HiFiFlutes Hi Andrea :) I;m glad you think it's cool ! I'm learning some new techniques as time flows past... Thanks for big encouragements !!! +0
Great! Chris - and now you have but a huge project charged :) :) :) :) Good luck+1
June 11 2017 18:00:01
HiFiFlutes Hi Abu :) HHUGE.. Thansk for nice feedback on this track... Glad you enjoyed this play :) COOL !! +0

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