Breeze on the Summer Morning

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Template to Rumba Flamenca Rhythm with the typical bass groovy flemish sound
Chords by the keys editor, except minor bugs...
Technical info to interested bassists or loopers:
- Bass: Marcus Miller Sire bass Ash NT Elixir roundwound strings touch on the bridge pickups
- Set EQ on the bass: flat active EQ with 60% low 50% med 60 % treble
- Amplifier: AshDown MiBass 220 watt DI-OUT signal + OUT-jack signal with flat EQ
- Effect in the loop in/out amplifier: Pandora Stomp Compressor Motown effect
- Interface: FocusRite Scarlett Solo double IN signal on stereo
- DAW software Audacity: Frequency/Quality sampling 44.1Kz 32bits/ MP3 quality conversion 320kbps
- VST Audacity effects: Duet Stereo Enhancer and Compressor DC1A2


June 11 2017 20:22:49
So cool Mario :)
+1 June 11 2017 23:19:05 titi GlezBass
Thanks titi ;)
June 11 2017 18:53:28
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
IM feeling a breeze as I sounds great as always...always a pleasure listening to your stuff...btw....i have several dwnlds of yours....waiting for the right day...mood...;O)
+1 June 11 2017 19:06:06 Major 3rd GlezBass
Thanks Craig. It will be a pleasure to hear them when you have them ready, there is no hurry :D
June 11 2017 16:45:42
Fantastico Mario :D:D
+1 June 11 2017 17:20:40 ivax GlezBass
Gracias Xaxi, con todo el sabor flamenquito ja ja ;)
June 11 2017 16:34:54
cool stuff
+1 June 11 2017 16:45:27 FrankMil GlezBass
Thanks Frank :)
June 11 2017 15:43:32
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
good play:)
+1 June 11 2017 16:45:12 Lenny Cowler GlezBass
Thanks so much Lenny
June 11 2017 15:22:18
una vez saque el audio de kontakt por el mx via USB y puse el piano del s90ES
y kontakt sonaba como nunca antes lo había escuchado
es increible la verdad, tu tienes un mx y podrias hacerlo y grabarlo en las jams

June 11 2017 15:20:45
pero el full concert grand no es para este tipo de musica y para jazz menos
este piano es solo para pop

te recomiendo que utilices el s90es de kontakt que pesa 38mb solo y suena mil veces mejor que full concert grand y en esta jam sonaria muy muy bien la verdad

+1 June 11 2017 16:44:56 tyros4 GlezBass
No tengo el kontakt, y a veces me lio con todos los vst esos, prefiero el instrumento analogico aunque este mas limitado
De todos modos lo que mas mola es el toque del bajo jaja totalmente flamenquito.... :)
June 11 2017 19:36:26 tyros4 tyros4
El bajo es el protagonista de la jam
June 11 2017 19:37:39 tyros4 tyros4
Si quieres el kontakt me lo dices y te lo paso que lo tengo yo
June 11 2017 15:18:36
vaya :O
como has hecho la bateria?

+1 June 11 2017 16:43:16 tyros4 GlezBass
He mezclado dos free loops demo (palmas y drums) y añadi algunos toques de caja ;)
June 11 2017 14:59:58
sounds beautiful :)
+1 June 11 2017 16:42:38 abuitremorem GlezBass
Thanks friend ;)
June 11 2017 14:53:12
Very nice groove, very good playing. :D:W
+1 June 11 2017 16:42:20 ArkRockStudio GlezBass
Thanks Ark :)

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