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I don't know how could I live without loops before? Thanks to You Guys, I'm doing big passes forward rally faster than before.

That jam, made my dreams come true. Dreams about playing with a big professional band one time. Together with all You guys on the same stage. I know there are some mistakes in my bassline, but I'm more courios of Your opinion about idea, than that. I would reload my jam soon - when I find time to record one more time. Anyway... all sunday my Wife and Kids were singin with Alice... "parara pa para paa..."


June 19 2017 21:01:45
real nice bass there Pierre :)
+1 June 19 2017 22:16:19 Shi PierreOghi
Thanks a lot Shi... I'm looking for some groovy staff with You on the mic ... Any suggestions??? I like DIXIE so much!
June 19 2017 22:19:19 Shi Shi
how kind, thanks Pierre :) I have one or two tracks on my profile you could listen to :D
June 19 2017 22:26:37 Shi PierreOghi
From couple of weeks i'm listening continousley wiki jams... now I have knowledge... knowledge that I don't know nothing, and I heard nothing. Wikiloops mine is sooo deep... So ... as I heard in one movie: I will find You, and I will bass You... :W
June 17 2017 00:47:27
Very nice Bass sound and playing as well. Welcome from me too :)
+1 June 17 2017 12:12:41 adu PierreOghi
Thanks Adu... it's good to know there are so many crazy people for the music, like me... all over the world...
June 15 2017 16:20:38
Nice one Pierre, welcome to the Loops and good to see you have fun :)

June 13 2017 15:42:24
Wow! I'm very glad that you have chosen my guitar to join in. Really good job man! Welcome !!
+1 June 13 2017 16:41:41 Balera78 PierreOghi
I started to play that without You and Alice. After that I played that with Alice. Especially Her backup lines are making me crazy. Honestly I missed Your line, but after I found that and I realized to myself, It was "la ciliegina sulla torta". Devo solo cambiare quad he nota da 2:40

June 12 2017 06:12:51
cool bass line :)
+1 June 12 2017 13:36:28 OliVBee PierreOghi
Thanks man for Your comment...
June 12 2017 01:00:39
great bass Pierre, sounds excellent!! :)
+1 June 12 2017 13:32:20 Ernie440 PierreOghi
Rally nice to see comment from hi-class bass player. Thank You!
June 12 2017 15:52:03 Ernie440 Ernie440
Nice to get called hi-class Pierre, haha, thank U!! :)
June 12 2017 00:41:18
francisco alfrancisco al
ficou ótimo, PierrOghi. muito bom
+1 June 12 2017 01:01:07 francisco al PierreOghi
Oi! Muito obrigado!
June 12 2017 00:40:05
Great bass line PO, good sound and groove. Welcome to the Wikiloops mate ;)
+1 June 12 2017 00:56:45 GlezBass PierreOghi
Thank You... I'm suprised me to for the sound. I''m waiting for my brand new rotos flatwound strings....
June 12 2017 01:02:33 GlezBass GlezBass
I like flatwounds by their touch and for soft tones, I use them in my Marcus Miller fretless bass with a sound like this on jazzy sessions .... #108180 :)
June 13 2017 21:44:59 GlezBass PierreOghi
Wow! What a sound!!! I'm near about thinking about fretless :) By the way... Did You tried also nylon? I think with fretless it could sounds like contrabass
June 13 2017 22:53:21 GlezBass GlezBass
Use nylon strings with metal core in a fretless, the touch I liked but the sound was too off for my taste
Then adapt a bass with electric piezo on the bridge and with flatwound strings had a completely double bass sound (see photo on the showcase of a piezo electric bridge), but I use more my Marcus Miller fretlles by the sound and the touch of the neck/fretboard
I recommend the flatwound Thomastik or LaBella strings are expensive but great quality
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