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At the moment I try the different sounds, which I can play with the EWI. For this I have exactly listened to, as a real cello sounds. The problem is that a wind instrument and a string instrument have different playing possibilities. The aim would be to get as close to the right cellosound as possible with the EWI.
Only a small experiment, cello sound played with the EWI.


June 14 2017 02:53:19
francisco alfrancisco al
ficou legal, Pewi. bom trabalho
+1 June 15 2017 19:16:56 francisco al Pewi
muito obrigado pelas palavras agradáveis.
June 13 2017 22:36:09
ohoho, this is a very interesting study ! And what a truly amazing experience ! If you had not said it, you would have deceived all of us. It really sounds like a cello !
Bravo for this composition !

+1 June 15 2017 19:15:55 Caroljoyce Pewi
Thank you for the kind words!
June 13 2017 18:57:11
Your study of the cello sound really paid off, Peter because this sounds great! Also, you created a wonderful composition with melodies that provide emotions of humor, drama and joy, all the elements you find in fine classical and opera compositions. This is a delightful listening experience that I will repeat many times!
+1 June 13 2017 19:12:30 Itocpogo Pewi
Oh, I'm very happy that you like it! (About 70% of the music I listen to is classical music :) that's why there are many classical music fragments in my head;)
June 13 2017 18:35:49
a great composition you did here Peter,the sound is amazing...:W<3it
+1 June 13 2017 18:43:29 slin Pewi
Thank you for listening and the compliment!
June 13 2017 04:49:48
das ist sehr interessant, mal gespannt auf die adds :)
+1 June 13 2017 18:42:08 AKchen Pewi
Bin auch gespannt...:)
June 13 2017 00:37:48
+1 June 13 2017 18:41:23 jamlady Pewi
ich danke Dir, dass Du dir die Zeit genommen hast das "geblasene Cello" zu hören:D;)
June 14 2017 03:27:32 jamlady jamlady
June 13 2017 00:27:33
Awesome, sound and music. Bravo
+1 June 13 2017 18:40:09 mecanuman Pewi
Thanks a lot!!
June 13 2017 00:06:56
Well done, bravo Pewi... you have that thing mastered, or should I say tamed :) !!!!
+1 June 13 2017 18:39:56 Psycho Pewi
Thank you for listening, I'm glad you like it!
June 12 2017 21:24:47
Pit BrettPit Brett
Hey Peter, hab noch niemals vorher gehört, dass jemand das Cello so toll blasen kann 😊👍
+2 June 13 2017 00:36:40 Pit Brett jamlady
June 13 2017 18:38:36 Pit Brett Pewi
June 12 2017 20:50:12
Ohh, eine schöne Überraschung Peter !! :D
Sehr schön, gut kontrolliert und intoniert !! Auch der sound an sich ist schon sehr gut !! Rufst Du damit samples ab oder wird das synthetisch erzeugt?

+1 June 13 2017 18:35:37 frankyguitar Pewi
Ich danke Dir Franky und es freut mich sehr, dass ich Dich überraschen konnte:)
June 13 2017 18:45:22 frankyguitar Pewi
Ah ja, es hantelt sich um samples. B)
June 13 2017 19:32:49 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Klingen sehr gut... :)

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