Jazz Jam No. 1 (live)

Remix step #4 (playing)
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Excellent swinging trio! Love the club atmosphere setting but the star is Balfo's cool trio. Must be a lot of fun playing clubs. I added from 1:27 to the end.


June 18 2017 15:48:53
sounds swingy cool :)
+1 June 18 2017 15:59:06 Tofzegrit Itocpogo
Thank You so very much, I appreciate it!
June 17 2017 20:04:28
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bom, Itocpogo
+1 June 18 2017 15:58:29 francisco al Itocpogo
Muito obrigado, meu amigo, agradeço!
June 17 2017 18:34:40
Wow Dan !!I wanna know the address for that Club.:D What wonderful track and what a great add you made here. Really really good, :W:Y:Y
+1 June 18 2017 15:56:54 Peterpingo Itocpogo
Thanks You so very much, Peter!
June 13 2017 21:27:15
Excellent Dan. I am a big fan of good sax playing and that was great!!!
+1 June 14 2017 15:31:03 Bothen Itocpogo
Thank You very much, I am humbled by you gracious words!
June 13 2017 21:05:12
Dan, your sax is perfect for a jazz club! Atmosphere, feeling, phrasing...wow!! :)
+1 June 14 2017 15:41:28 Stef Itocpogo
Thank You so much Stef! I loved when I played clubs! The musical friendship that you develop with the bandaid constantly striving to support each other and sharing joyous moments of rare creativity!
June 13 2017 20:52:34
In your sax, the whole joy comes with playing in a club. You understand very well how to convey moods and feelings with your instrument.this is great
+1 June 14 2017 15:39:08 abuitremorem Itocpogo
Thanks Rene! When I was paying clubs I knew as I was doing it, this was the best that life gets!! The wonderful feeling when all reach that moment of joy reaching that rare moment of creativity, even for a few seconds and the inspiration from the audience!
June 13 2017 19:54:44
Wow, a fine performance...thanks a lot!
+1 June 14 2017 15:36:04 Balfo Itocpogo
Thank You Balfo! WOW, you have a fantastic trio. I knew your trio was Excellent playing blues, country, rock and I am delighted by their Excellent Jazz skills. Your piano player is Awesome! Your trio always sounds like they are having fun which is a credit to you!
June 13 2017 19:22:00
Hey Dan, excellent saxophone play from you. 1.52- 1.55 absolutely great, yesss!
+1 June 14 2017 15:33:02 Pewi Itocpogo
Thank You Peter! I am very appreciative of your kind words!
June 13 2017 18:55:12
what a delicious sax sounds :o ... it's a huge pleasure listen to this, my friend!!... :) <3:W
+1 June 14 2017 15:30:03 jjdf Itocpogo
Thanks so much Joao, I appreciate you very kind words my friend!
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