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I am kind of humbled to be asked to join this collaboration. These lyrics have been around a while and recycled from a collaboration on another site. Lyrics are mine so there is no copyright infringement ;-) Thanks to all who listen and thank you gentlemen for the invitation to join you


cool song ! could use a better mix but hey you need all the stems to do that properly ;)+3
Powerfull chorus here !
Always a great moment when a Morgan's song pops in the newsfeed <3
June 14 2017 04:48:14
MorganLeFey I am blushing, thank you for your lovely comment but Morgan needs the strong foundation beneath her vocal feet +0
Agree with Tof!+2
June 14 2017 04:48:29
MorganLeFey Thank you Danny :-) +0
Whaou !!!! :o
Thx a lot Morgan to jam on this one!
Fabulous song <3
Cool song, you did a great job Morgan! It sounds really good! Thanks! :);)+1
June 14 2017 04:47:21
MorganLeFey I am grateful to be asked to contribute :D +1
ótimo vocal, MorganLeFey+1
June 14 2017 10:52:47
francisco al
MorganLeFey Thank you sir :D +0
Nice vocals+1
Recycling of lyrics!? If you did it twice, you could do it three times. Always a pleasure to hear are invited to every song, too. :). Just raise your volume knob a little bit more.
June 14 2017 23:48:21
MorganLeFey hah the original mix had my vocals way too in front of the music, so I asked it be remixed...I like being on equal footing ;-) Thank you Nick +0
a very very good singing MorganLeFey...:W+1

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