Storm Front

Remix step #4 (playing)
United States


Major 3rd344 jams
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Awesome song from the boys...
Ernie wearing his kicking bass boots ! lol

I added some lyrics, vocals, and sound effects.
A little message for our adversaries...
As Tony Montana once said "meet my little friend"!!!!

Machine gun sounds compliments of New Hampshire Militia across the street...;o)

Peace & freedom come's with a price
as history testifies.

Lyrics above in tab


June 17 2017 12:46:48
Excellent voice, I like very well!
+1 June 17 2017 15:39:09 Pewi Major 3rd
thank you friend
June 15 2017 13:53:40
An allstar line up..cracking mix..great vocals. Punchy lyrics!
+1 June 16 2017 07:44:14 Tu Major 3rd
ty Tu
June 15 2017 07:43:27
Great vocals and mix Major. Sounds great. Now as far as the message goes: I'd say, let's give peace a chance. In the name of love, Imagine there's no War and kill em with kindness. ;)
+2 June 16 2017 07:43:58 rp3drums Major 3rd
thanks on the vocals but nah on the j/k :W :D..the left cucks are already shooting over here.5 shot, i senator...thanks to the main stream media hyping up the conflict.....but thats what they want...a civil war.. and a ww3...doesn't matter what we want..;O) manufactured it is .
June 16 2017 12:11:57 rp3drums rp3drums
No need for a Civil War, just Civility. And yeah, a cuck is a cuck no matter who they are. Shooting people=not cool. The cucks should not have access to guns, not even BB guns :D
June 16 2017 16:57:01 rp3drums Major 3rd
I agree on the bb guns and the lyrics were an address to the ones who publicly said they want to genocide democide europe and all white nations...what do you do in the face of that...let them? lol not me... I wish people like that didn't exist.I wish everyone thought as you! worldwide plot here. btw awesome drum work on this...:)
appreciate your thoughts too.
June 15 2017 01:02:05
:D ya man sweet song
+1 June 15 2017 01:13:11 axenvocs Major 3rd
thanks brotha!:D
June 14 2017 23:48:41
Super song, Craig.. both lyrics and vocals are superb :W
+1 June 15 2017 00:48:41 Don_T Major 3rd
ty Don!! appreciate that ;o) :W
June 14 2017 22:28:37
Really a great song, great message ! Super song Craig !!
Excellent work all together :)

+1 June 15 2017 00:49:28 frankyguitar Major 3rd
thanks Franky! much obliged! ty! :D
June 14 2017 21:44:52
O yess man, well done!
+1 June 15 2017 00:49:39 YoWild Major 3rd
ty bro!
June 14 2017 19:03:52
Really well written Craig. #HighFive 🙌🏻
+1 June 15 2017 00:50:01 Stella Major 3rd
high five! thanks Stella ;o)
June 14 2017 18:49:20
Great and intense vocals! So good Major! :)
+1 June 15 2017 00:50:31 Stef Major 3rd
thank you Stef...;o)
June 14 2017 18:38:47
he man it a heavy song
+1 June 15 2017 00:50:46 MasterX Major 3rd
:) ty
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