Needing This Today (w bass&drums)

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United States

acoustic Guitar:

FrankieJ225 jams Supporter
Remix step #2


Shi358 jams Supporter
Remix step #5 (playing)

Bass & Drums:

GlezBass1021 jams Supporter

available remixes:

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Bass and drums section for this wonderful jam

The drums tracks it´s a mix of HDtracks of Melinos #98741 jam



June 17 2017 23:47:17
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Mario
+1 June 18 2017 00:02:24 francisco al GlezBass
obrigado :)
June 17 2017 19:28:14
a perfect bass line Glez...;)
+1 June 17 2017 22:34:56 slin GlezBass
Thanks slin :)
June 17 2017 16:55:48
+1 June 17 2017 16:56:22 ArkRockStudio GlezBass
Thanks so much Ark
June 17 2017 13:23:29
esta jam es preciosa
muy bonita canción

+1 June 17 2017 15:32:12 tyros4 GlezBass
June 17 2017 12:11:11
Oh wow.. what a wonderful bass!! You can nearly touch it! Great.. super .. wonderful together with the strings .. ah.. like a good dessert :)
May I humbly remark one thing? Shi's voice is a bit too silent sometimes (around 4min) .. couldn't we remix a bit to give her a bit more lead?

+1 June 17 2017 15:32:01 Offfocus GlezBass
You're right Offocus, but we do not have the wonderful Shi's insulated voice jam (we do not have his HD tracks), if we raise his track with voice we would raise the whole track that he shares with voices and instruments, you could only do something using the track that Has with voice u and guitar in the tree ... I will investigate
June 17 2017 15:34:34 Offfocus GlezBass
I congratulate him for his magnificent duet with the voice of Shi, very good :)
June 17 2017 16:39:52 Offfocus GlezBass
New voice track of Shi in #108823, I have tried to correct the volume of voice without having the HD .... :D
June 17 2017 16:39:57 Offfocus Offfocus
Hi GlezBass Thanks so much!! also for considering to remix.. Let's talk tp Frankie and Shi.. they should have the single tracks... By the way.. when I listened to your wonderfull adds I realized that my singing was wuite a bit offtuned.. I could tweak this a little (as I have learned this meanwhile :D) and put the single track online.. Could also try to do the remix.. if you like me to..
June 17 2017 16:47:51 Offfocus GlezBass
Sometimes it is interesting to upload the HD tracks with isolated tracks to make this type of adjustments in the remixes he he he. His voice and his duet I like, all here I think we are learning with the method of trial / error to make better and better tracks :)
June 17 2017 11:44:50
Majestic, deep, warm and beautiful bass<3
Very happy Melinos is with us.
thanks Mario :)

+1 June 17 2017 15:27:16 FrankieJ GlezBass
Thanks Frankie, it´s a so good template friend :)

best liked Unplugged

  1. I needed this

    by FrankieJ & Shi
  2. Memories

    by FrankieJ
  3. The number you called

    cody trippShi
    by cody tripp & Shi
  4. Something Not to Be Understood

    by OliVBee & moonchild
  5. Dreamstate

    cody trippShi
    by cody tripp & Shi
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