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Hi Adu and Ark.. I had a lot of fun with your song and new neat golden device.. the boss VE-8 which sings a hamonizing voice to you.. Thank you so much for this nice afternoon!!! But I need apologise: Adu I didn't take the track with your super nice solo, because I had already started writeing lyrics on these parts (the red) in which you have placed your solo.. For this one we still need lead guitar.. Hopefully you like it and you are not crossed with me...


June 22 2017 11:30:03
richtig guter song ist das geworden, toll

June 19 2017 19:05:05
really great singing on this one Offfocus...<3it
+0 June 20 2017 00:49:00 slin Offfocus
I thank you so much, Nils!!
June 19 2017 09:00:38
Great work man!👌❤
+0 June 20 2017 00:48:38 jjdf Offfocus
Thanks JD.. this was fun playing around with the harmonizer!!
June 19 2017 08:12:25
I like your crackin'voice
+0 June 20 2017 00:47:54 Tofzegrit Offfocus
Yeah, I heard it after recording and thought: Well, this old man forgot the glue on his denture ;)
June 19 2017 04:24:25
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+0 June 20 2017 00:46:38 Lenny Cowler Offfocus
Thank you, Lenny!!!
June 19 2017 01:35:26
<3<3<3 awesome lyrics and delivery, Offfocus... excellent :W:o
+0 June 20 2017 00:46:19 Don_T Offfocus
Coool you like it!! Thanks man!!
June 19 2017 00:51:39
Fantastic Patrik :D awesome and beautiful
+0 June 20 2017 00:45:54 ivax Offfocus
Hi Xavi.. thank you so much, my friend!!
June 18 2017 22:54:32
Hi OffFocus :) Great song, vocals & lyrics, it's like an indie track.
I once had a harmonizer, it gave me a mans voice, soooo funny, I imagined myself as a twenty stone Jamaican man backing singer lol!

+0 June 18 2017 23:33:17 Stella Offfocus
HaHaHa!! Would love to hear that Mr BigStella
June 18 2017 22:07:49
Offfocus, I'd say you hit a homerun with this tune. Beautiful.
+0 June 18 2017 23:31:55 ArkRockStudio Offfocus
:):):) Thanks man!!
June 18 2017 21:50:12
Hey jetzt weiss ich endlich wie ich dich ansprechen kann! Off oder Focus ist mir doch ein wenig suspekt! So , lieber Pat, ich bin hin und weg! Ich habe mir natürlich erhofft das da jemand drauf singt. Aber das das so heftig emotional für mich wird, hätte ich nicht gedacht. Mensch du stehst ganz oben bei mir, vielen vielen lieben Dank and dich. Toller Text und so wunderbar gesungen! Ausserdem wird hier niemand gekreuzigt oder gesteinigt. Was meinst du, warum ich die solo Gitarre als extra upload gemacht habe? VIELEN DANK Bruder in Musik! ;)
+0 June 18 2017 23:22:09 adu Offfocus
Wow, Adu!! Ich hatte gehofft, dass du dich freust.. aber dass du dich soo freust ist ganz besonders toll! War aber auch ein großer Spaß zu deinen Harmonien und deiner Liedidee zu singen!! War ein sehr schöner NAchmittag!! Danke dir dafür!! Bro:)
June 18 2017 23:31:54 adu adu
Musik kann so einfach sein! Und zwischenmenschliche Kommentare so schön! Let the sun shine! ;)
June 18 2017 23:33:53 adu Offfocus

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