Dark EyEd Dancer

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United States
acoustic Guitar:
Acousticeg231 jams
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United States
acoustic Guitar:
Acousticeg231 jams

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+ 20
Added a melody to get things started. The intro and most of the rest of the song is open for others to add their tribute to Al John and Paco...


Funtastic playing and template, so cool!! :)+1
Major 3rd
killer! race with the devil on a spanish highway! awesome tune and playing...great style+1
June 20 2017 23:32:19
Major 3rd
Acousticeg Took me a while but I did learn to play that song. That's back when I had nothing but time and my only interest was guitar even over the ladies. I would lock myself in my practice room. And only come out to eat and use the bathroom...lol Not an easy song to do. +1
June 21 2017 00:59:13
Major 3rd
Major 3rd it shows! ;O) +0
So good template and jam, great stuff ;)+1
awesome AC :D great my friend+1
very good:D+1
I see some downloads, but how many are able to join in and sound like you (sounding like them)? You so capture that feel and have the ability to play this style so competently.+1
July 28 2017 02:23:13
Acousticeg Hi Wade, I think there are plenty of guitarist here with more than enough skill to play this style. But it is rare that I find another acoustic guitarist that is into doing stuff like this. Flamenco is not on most peoples to learn or like list. I do think to often musicians lock themselves into one genre one sound and become comfortable. It's the elusive find the golden tone syndrome as I call it. Why just settle for one tone or one genre. Music is to the ears what light is to the eye's, a beautiful wide spectrum of colors that set between two extreme opposite points. It takes many colors to make a rainbow. +1
Amazing, super.
Super play...great lines🎸🎵🎶♪♫♬🎵🎶♯♮🎶❤+1
thank you ! enjoyed ;)+1
June 20 2017 01:21:01
Acousticeg Your welcome... +1
This is excellent!+1

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