Oh My Lord

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When I was recently in Nashville I found myself at a Sunday morning gospel hour session. There were only a few bars open on Broadway at this hour and none of then were serving alcohol. This particular bar was serving coffee and the Lord. The band was an older mom (on acoustic bass) and a dad doing the backing vox. Their middle age son played the mandolin and sang the lead vocals. Listening to this ...


Andrea, you have a great voice tone for Heartland Gospel. Pain, hope. And a large touch of faith. Well done! Love the choir too! :)+1
July 03 2017 14:58:35
ALawrence1 :D:D Thanks so much <3<3 The music reminded me of the church days of my youth<3 +1
<3<3 fantastic I come from Don :) :)+1
June 27 2017 00:28:46
ALawrence1 I happy you like it<3 +0
Fantastic Andrea :)+1
June 26 2017 22:05:43
ALawrence1 Thank you Xavi! +1
June 26 2017 22:05:25
ALawrence1 Thank you Frankie! Check out the chorus adds by Slin and Don_T:W +1
Fab vocals Andrea! I love the Gospel and here i'm speechless! Fantastic! :)+1
June 25 2017 21:34:15
ALawrence1 Thank you Stef and God bless you<3 +1
Gospel Blues and done so very well!!:)+1
June 25 2017 21:33:34
ALawrence1 Thank you so much! +0
Fantastic song Andrea... got that "Live in Nashville" kick to it :) :W+1
June 25 2017 21:33:12
ALawrence1 Ya, I think Nashville rubbed off on me:D +0
francisco al
bonita canção com a letra bem espiritual. Esse primeiro trecho é fundamental suas palavras. Retrata: que você é o filho na alma bem a repedida. A alma é o corpo material e você é um dos filho. Por isso diz o coração mental: Oh, my Lord, I am a sinner.
Lost my way, and then lost my soul.
All I need, is your forgiveness. bom trabalho de voz e uma boa letra, Alawrence
June 25 2017 21:32:49
francisco al
ALawrence1 Many, many thanks francisco al<3 +0
Lenny Cowler
very good:)+1
June 25 2017 16:44:26
Lenny Cowler
ALawrence1 Especially on a Sunday! Thanks Lenny. I really appreciate you listening:) +1
Major 3rd
great vocals!!!! lyrics fantastic.....so true...:D+1
June 20 2017 03:37:34
Major 3rd
ALawrence1 Thanks Major 3rd! I really appreciate your comment. Yes,it is so true. +1
June 20 2017 14:58:34
Major 3rd
Major 3rd woke up this morning and this first thing I listened too again ...very moving....get me in a good frame of mind. ty Andrea....be that shining light! +1
June 20 2017 15:21:16
Major 3rd
ALawrence1 Thank you so much for telling me this. I'm humbled.... +0

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