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Remix step #5 (playing)


Tofzegrit1172 jams Supporter
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I had to work a bit around songs because the feeling mood "first intention/record/upload" mode is out of order from a couple of weeks now :)
So here is my attempt for a M&M's Return with amazing bass from Nils

Oh... I'm playing my new guitar !!!! (not easy to really ear it well cause of the Tof's Tones but believe me, it's really good!!)


June 20 2017 09:20:50
A new guitar is ALWAYS good medicine :)
Sounds great! Player sounds pretty good too ;)
What you get?

+1 June 20 2017 18:42:21 FrankieJ Tofzegrit
I'm very sad about the old one, Have put it in the new one's case, closed it and... I don't how long it will stay inside and a pitty about selling it for less than 400$... But no room in our place, another Godin is under the couch from 4 years with a fretless...
I live in a flat not in a HARD ROCK CAFE !
June 20 2017 19:41:38 FrankieJ FrankieJ
I am tempted to buy your old one just to have Tof's guitar but the wife already unhappy with me :)
June 20 2017 01:37:43
So good to be back and hearing your fine playing.
+1 June 20 2017 02:04:11 Wade Tofzegrit
Merci Wade, wish you a nice home sweet home
I did it especially for you :)
low production while you were outside !
June 20 2017 00:48:01
Le mix de ta guitare se ( blend ) parfaitement avec le reste , j' adore le tone et le son que tu utilises ! :) :)
+1 June 20 2017 01:02:35 Inkless Tofzegrit
je mixe 2 canaux à la fois avec
- 1 son clair type "Mike Stern" (Deluxe reverb Fender amp. simulation avec chorus et comp.)
- 1 autre son clair type rotary Leslie en fond
- le son "lead" est un preset guitar rig5 rev./delay "ambient git" auquel je rajoute un tubeScreamer
Je mixe 1+3 sur les "parties lead" (part1), 1+2 pour le background (part2) puis 2+3 après le break puis 2 tout seul à la fin... voilà !
June 19 2017 23:33:42
+1 June 19 2017 23:37:53 ArkRockStudio Tofzegrit
Without cheese please :)
June 19 2017 23:50:30 ArkRockStudio ArkRockStudio
N'êtes-vous pas français?
June 19 2017 23:56:16 ArkRockStudio Tofzegrit
I am and I have 51 so I try to stop cheese and sugar... fortunately not guitar :)
June 20 2017 00:03:57 ArkRockStudio ArkRockStudio
I stopped going to McDonalds. Yuk!
June 19 2017 23:18:19
Bam! Amazing sound Tof! Love it! And your feel is smooth as butter! Great to hear this track! Dig this stuff a lot! Thanks for your musical ride! :)
+1 June 19 2017 23:28:02 Marceys Tofzegrit
Your many m9 of the moment give me some troubles vs the old maj7 :D
Very special track for me today about the approach, many chords tries, many tones too, new guitar, new coll bass player...
Your mix/add was unexpected and as you play more lead, I could be a little more behind for once :D
Merci Marc
June 19 2017 21:04:09
Fantastic Tofz :D so good sound ,amigo,very nice

June 19 2017 21:01:30
I've got a 2010 S Series 770PB - Love it!
+1 June 19 2017 21:09:22 ddruszkowski Tofzegrit
My previous one was a S560
Brother in guitar we are :)
June 19 2017 20:55:11
JAZZ.....It's whats for dinner.

June 19 2017 20:54:34
Excellent Monsieur !! Very nice jazzy track !! :)
+1 June 19 2017 23:56:46 frankyguitar Tofzegrit
merci Monsieur
June 19 2017 20:19:03
a delicious delight :) real nice tone Tof
+1 June 19 2017 20:38:09 Shi Tofzegrit
A spell from me now :)
Merci Mademoiselle
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