Memories Of Abuse

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I wrote this song about child abuse. (Please read the lyrics and follow along) This song is very emotional to me and maybe to others who listen to it. I spent a great deal of time in the creation process, mostly with the lyrics. Please read the lyrics and follow along because my singing may not be clear or loud enough. I would like a Bass player to add bass guitar if it is not too much to ask. Thanks
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projectjehobith metal


francisco al
bom trabalho, jehobith+1
Well written. Most people wouldn't have the balls to talk about it...nevermind write a song and sing it. Good on you. I suffered similar but in a different way.
<3 Big love man, respect.
June 24 2017 16:26:17
jehobith Thank you. I appreciate that. Its really not something I think about, it doesnt really bother me, just needed to write a song about it get it out. +1
Great song! Love the lyrics.:)+1
June 24 2017 16:27:18
jehobith Thanks Davey. I had a hard time putting them together to flow with the music +1
Wow! What a fucking powerful song this. Not only lyrically, but also musically. I'd give you top marks just for being open about such a difficult subject, but you've also made a great track. The looping guitar at the start, the way it builds up, the way the drums kick in etc. Powerful vocal performance. Blown away!+1
June 24 2017 16:33:50
jehobith Im speechless thank you. Actually recorded the acoustic guitar on old dead strings. I doubt Id be able to compose a song as good as this, I know its good because my wife told me so and I don't get that very often from her lol. +0
De tout coeur avec toi !+1
June 24 2017 16:35:30
jehobith Je vous remercie (thank you) Franber +0
You got to have courage to compose and sing a song like this. Hat's off to you!!+1
June 23 2017 09:57:18
jehobith Thank you TeeGee. Something got into me today so I picked up my guitar and one thing lead to another and this came about +0
Very brave to be so open about this horrible past. I wish you strength!+1
June 23 2017 09:41:48
jehobith Thanks Frenzie. I want to re do the singing. +1
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