Head in the Fridge

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Testing a new soundcard and trying to resolve / figure out this f.... latency issues I've never met before with the previous old one! That's not music :) What ever, I had fun with Some funky rhythm guitar, some "hey oh" thingies and a lead added to this groovy track from our new member ArtfulAndy and Mario


New sound card, new guitar, new toys.... but the sound has the unmistakable stamp Tofzegrit, very good ... continues to try the soundcard ...

The solo it´s crazy!!! super solo, man... :o
I sense no problems with your playing :)+2
June 23 2017 21:10:11
Tofzegrit Merci Gary
The cooking was boring
when you listen to you and when the rhythm guitar is anywhere except at the right place :)
Fortunately audience doesn't know/hear "the making of" troubles
💜 Purple love to you Tof...💜+2
June 23 2017 21:11:03
Tofzegrit Pink merci and Blue love back to you Stella +1
classic Tof sounds here, super groovy and cool from ArtfulAndy and Mario too :)+2
Good luck with the latency which is a pain .overhere also head in the fridge for the heat :) :)+1
That was really cool! The Track goes more funky! :Y+1
Fantastic! I understand latency but you resolve it.
Refreshing track :)
Sounds great to me. Terrific funk with heaps of complexity and flowing rhythms. Outstanding solo.+1
Audio interface? Sounds damn good to me... HOP !!! :W+1
June 24 2017 02:25:00
Tofzegrit Merci Psy !!
Some upgrades in the starship but feeling old with technology lol

We Want Plug and Play We Want Plug and Play oO o° We Want Plug and Play We Want Plug and Play We Want Plug and Play We Want Plug ° oO and Play We Want Plug and Play We Want Plug and Play We Want Plug and Play We Want Plug and Play
June 24 2017 02:29:54
Psycho I think Scotty invented Plug-N-Play :D +1

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