Sand Dunes

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One I had in the "maybe" folder. Drums might be a bit overpowering so I included the guitar part only. Please add anything you like =)
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unplugged. ballad, acoustic, drums


so nice, wonderful template, I <3 particularly the intro!!! :) :)+1
June 25 2017 18:20:08
Psycho Thanks very much jj :) +0
I think your "maybe folder" contains a lot of goodies Bruce. Wonderful track. Very good idea to make it quit that folder. :W<3+1
June 25 2017 01:58:40
Psycho Well, it is mostly unfinished work (things I got hung up on), but this one was complete, and I just wasn't that happy with it a few months back. Maybe I do need to rearrange some folders :| Thanks Peter :) +1
June 25 2017 02:06:28
Peterpingo I know that feeling very well my friend. Often when I work on a tune I get to a point where I practically have to put myself in bed and forget about the track for a while. Mostly it helps to listen to it again later with "fresh ears". :D +1
June 25 2017 02:11:52
Psycho You too? Must be for most of us artful folk. I normally will wait 24 hours and listen again before posting anything. The repetition wears on ya. And if I get stuck on a jam, I can get up for 5 minutes, set back down and all is good (weird how that works) !! +1
June 25 2017 02:34:41
Peterpingo Heh heh, Funny, I have exactly the same process when I make music. :) But I think the "problem" is that when you are working with music your ears and your brains are 100% in function. You get to a point where you simply canĀ“t accommodate more without a brake. (Even if you'd rather go on). :D:D +0
francisco al
muito bom, Psycho+1
June 25 2017 01:16:32
francisco al
Psycho Thanks very much Francisco... very nice words my friend :) +0
Classic sound. Should get some good adds.+1
June 25 2017 01:15:27
Psycho Thanks my friend... adds would make my day : +1
I love it!! Great composition, thanks for sharing!+1
June 25 2017 01:14:43
Psycho thanks Pewi... glad you like it :) +1
Good one Bruce :) Will try something with the HD guitar ;)+1
June 25 2017 01:14:11
Psycho That would be awesome... thanks eG :) +1
Definitely playlisted!+1
June 25 2017 01:13:37
Psycho Cool... thanks Andrea :) +0
this is really a good one Psycho...:W:D+1
June 24 2017 19:45:15
Psycho And I thought it wasn't that good... thanks slin :) +1
Great track, Bruce... can almost hear America coming in on the vocals for this one... awesome :W+1
June 24 2017 19:44:28
Psycho Thanks Don, haven't heard those guys in ages. I must go relive some memories :) +1
This is really great Bruce !! Super playing and your very nice acoustic sound makes this to a wonderful track !! :)+1
June 24 2017 19:43:00
Psycho Sure thank ya Franky... it's been sitting on the back burner. Now I'm glad I pulled it out :) +1

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