🌷 Second Spring Time (reflections)

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Addin' some low end to Heliandros, Shi and Ray's very nice ballad song! :);) ... :D Thanks, great playin'/singin' ya'll! A very pleasant jam session!
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Shi Original Song


Your great sound is the perfect complement for this great song! Great Ernie! :)+1
June 24 2017 19:36:48
Ernie440 thanks for listenin' in Stef :D Appreciate it man ;) +0
June 24 2017 19:36:21
Ernie440 LOL! +0
June 24 2017 20:27:53
Leftdaloops1019 [youtube]O3NnUDvPt54[/youtube] +1
yeah a perfect bass Ernie...:W+1
June 24 2017 19:36:07
Ernie440 thanks my friend ;):W +1
Seems like you always know just how much to play so that it all sounds right/appropriate.+1
June 25 2017 14:52:07
Ernie440 Thanks a lot Wade, yeah .. I edited this one a couple times, too many notes, didn't sound right at all! :D ;) +1
June 25 2017 23:19:55
Wade Man can I relate to that! Been trying to tell myself that it's good/OK since it can all be edited out later. For sure it's better to play it sparse/simple in the first place. In my case I never think in terms of key or chord (I can only play one note at a time no matter what). If I play continually then I'm seldom "lost". If I stop, even for a few bars, I can loose the flow and might play a few wrong notes before I'm back on track. Really hacks me off to miss an entry and need to do another take. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! +1
June 26 2017 02:34:01
Ernie440 Yeah, I hear ya .. we balk at retakes but ... it's worth it if we're more satisfied at the end, but it amazing me sometimes how much time I can spend on something that plays for 120 seconds .. haha. +1
June 26 2017 06:20:27
Wade Glad to hear you indicate that your edit time is rather longer than play time. I've never heard anyone else comment on this. My average would be 1/2 hour for a 4 minute track. Very frustrating! +1
muito bom, Ernie+1
June 25 2017 14:51:26
francisco al
Ernie440 Obrigado my friend ;) +0
Now it sounds like Journey is playing behind Shi ;) haha

Great add, really fills in the empty spaced, but not too much! I wasnt really joking about the Journey thing.... Ballad time :D
June 25 2017 14:51:09
Ernie440 haha Journey .. cool .. can't say I miss Steve Perry here all that much :O Thanks Ray, this one was a challenge to not overplay, glad you like it. :) +1
Veramente bella, se chiudo gli occhi mi piace immaginare gli Everything but the girl :)

Bravi a tutti voi quattro, voce bellissima, melodia e testo anche :) !!!

Really beautiful, if I close my eyes I imagine the Everything but the girl ... melody, lyrics and voice wonderful :)
August 09 2017 02:51:56
Ernie440 Thanks much ettore, glad you like it friend :) +1
straight to the heart!! Wonderful!!+1
February 09 2018 14:24:13
Ernie440 :) thank YOu :) +0
Greeeeeat line up. Very good job all around!+0
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