The Frozen Night

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United States
acoustic Guitar & Vocals:
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Added some low end to a very cool and moody tune by Darin .. thanks for the jam and great play/singin' :):D
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Rock Ballad


Your ballad bass playing is Excellent because it adds lush flow like a cool summer breeze on the hottest day of the summer withy your melodic lines that surprise with those 8th note faster passages I love!+1
July 04 2017 01:59:19
Ernie440 Love your poetic description Dan, thanks a lot brother! :);) +1
What a beautiful song, and your bass line fits excellent.+1
July 04 2017 01:59:34
Ernie440 Thanks Peter!! :) +0
Very nice...+1
July 04 2017 01:59:48
Ernie440 Thanks a lot buddy! :) +0
Major 3rd
nice Ernie! :)+1
July 04 2017 01:59:59
Major 3rd
Ernie440 Thanks Craig! ;) +0
Only one from you today? So good it makes up for any of the others that didn't get posted. Such sensitivity in your playing matching the tempo changes...all that in the service of what's a VERY ODD song. Oh well we are instrumentalists...who listens to words?+1
July 03 2017 01:25:12
Ernie440 Sunday .. day of rest :P I think I better take a closer look at these lyrics :) They were sung nicely!! :) Personally .. I like to have the lyrics written in so I can check them out later on, but very true, while learning a tune, I don't listen much to the lyrics .. lol +0
July 03 2017 09:37:09
Wade Yea, he's got a great voice...get back to me about what you think the song is about. Some strange stuff kind of being "normalized"? Your call... +1
July 03 2017 13:53:30
Ernie440 ahh ... the "chain you, choke you, own you" lyrics ... yeah those are rather odd ... pretty dark and cruel sounding. Of course I can't say for sure what the author had in mind. It could be about torture and keeping someone captive as a slave I suppose ... :O +1
July 03 2017 23:41:30
Wade The problem is that it's very serious. One of my childhood favorites was Tom Lehrer who wrote comic songs about life's taboos. the one this reminds me of goes like this:
I hold your hand in mine, dear,
I press it to my lips.
I take a healthy bite
From your dainty fingertips.
My joy would be complete, dear,
If you were only here,
But still I keep your hand
As as a precious souvenir.
July 04 2017 02:03:28
Ernie440 haha .. that's pretty twisted! Tom Lehrer .. satirist and mathematician .. that's quite the combo .. :) Dude is still alive I see ... Good for him!! :D +1
July 04 2017 11:56:57
Wade There weren't a lot of creative interesting people in the 1950s. He really stood out and commented on everything that was taboo. Glad you checked him out. +1
July 04 2017 14:35:47
Ernie440 I'd like to hear Lehrer's musical take on today's world with the internet, the big left-right divide, Trump, the corrupt Clintons, transgenders hehe, fake media, imported terrorism, etc. etc. etc. ... I'm sure it would be quite humorous and a real HOOT... :P
Great work for this very nice tune Ernie !! :)+1
July 03 2017 01:26:15
Ernie440 thanks Franky, appreciate it buddy :D +1
Nice choice to add this smooth and melodic line,fantastic Ernie :) ;)+1
July 03 2017 01:26:28
Ernie440 Thanks most kindly Ewin!! :);) +1
a perfect bass line Ernie...;););)+1
July 03 2017 01:26:48
Ernie440 Thanks man!! :W +1
smooth bass here, buddy. Fantastic play to an awesome song. Very nice :)+1
July 02 2017 20:03:42
Ernie440 thanks my friend and for listening :) +0

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