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Chris Fenton from Walsh River Queensland on guitar, I'm on tenor sax. As it happened live jam. Microphone battery crapped out (you can hear it going at times), so this is all that got recorded.


Fantastic......it sounds even better with the adds👏😎+0
Fantastic Duo :D"dulces notas" mi amigo+1
July 27 2017 10:28:14
Wade Thanks Xavi. Glad this works for you. +0
Super template Wade!.. a real pleasure :) Luv'in it :) :)+1
July 27 2017 10:27:46
Wade Thanks Kim. So glad it's appreciated. These live jams can be musically OK, but are usually lacking in quality. +1
francisco al
isso ótimo. bom trabalho, Wade+1
July 13 2017 23:48:50
francisco al
Wade Muito bom que você tenha uma escuta. Obrigado Francisco. +0
What a fantastic soft, round sound, without pressure! I like the melodious way you go!+1
July 10 2017 13:43:14
Wade Always rewarding to hear from a fellow sax player. Glad you like. I think you're coming to the big jam? I'm sure we'll have good fun together there. +1
July 10 2017 13:52:46
Pewi Yes, I'm looking forward to Steinfeld- Jam. It's only a pity that I can only speak very little English, I translate everything with "Google-Trans.":|. But because music is a universal language, I am confident that we will understand each other:) +1
a wonderful track Wade...;)+1
July 10 2017 00:48:02
Wade A taste of what we can do when we meet up in September? +1
Fantastic play !! Love the guitar, and your playing is fabulous. Very calming and chill.+1
July 09 2017 05:54:14
Wade Thanks for the listen and comments. I love playing live jams. +0
Not bad recording for being miced+1
July 09 2017 00:19:35
Wade Thanks for the listen and comment. Always good to have a Dr in the house.

Playing a sax one always uses a microphone. The guitar was plugged into the other channel which I later mix and do my best to balance, equalize etc. When setting up I try to give enough space to eliminate "bleed", but there is always some, which precludes my doing any "corrective" editing...always a "warts and all" one take shot.
July 09 2017 05:09:08
DrStrgeglv OK, got it- I was imagining a general room mic in a seedy corner cafe full of .... mimes.. and penguins (I have a strange imagination). +1
July 09 2017 05:51:34
Wade Good images...reality (in this case) is almost as strange. The guitarist Chris Fenton lives in a very remote area only accessible by 4 wheel drive high chassis vehicles. When it rains there are several streams that can cut it off from the outside world for weeks. Power is from the sun and a small hydro. Water is from the river. He has a pet dingo. Funding comes from the crop he grows. There are a crisscross of goat tracks that go up and down the river with no signs or anything to let you know where you are. A GPS just gives map coordinates as there are no real roads. It's sort of a lawless wild west area with old hippies (Chris qualifies), old miners wandering around the countryside looking for their pot of gold, Goannas (big monitor lizards), snakes, dingos and wallabies. There is one Jonestown style religious cult, but they stay well hidden. +1
July 09 2017 06:06:14
DrStrgeglv Jonestown... could be worse. There are some places in Montana like that, but without marsupials or hippies (can't take the cold). Never heard any good music come from there either- It's pretty, but it sucks. +1
Lenny Cowler
July 08 2017 06:22:51
Lenny Cowler
Wade Hey Lenny. Its about time I sat in on one of yours. These odd live jams are not conducive as the timing is all over the place. +0
July 08 2017 20:51:32
Lenny Cowler
DrStrgeglv as it should be - it's a live freeform +1
Hi Wade:)Super track buddy:);)+1
July 08 2017 00:16:54
Wade Thanks Pete! Yea, something about those live jams that you can feel. +1

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