My Severed Life (version 2.0)

Remix step #6 (playing)


Ernie4401064 jams Supporter
+ 6
Second time for me, had to jump on this track again when I heard Ray's great drumming on it .. so that was cool! :) Great job all 3 of U, Ray, Stella and the good Dr. :D


July 09 2017 18:13:40
super bass Ernie...:W

July 07 2017 03:48:49
Perfect buddy! It's ok Stella got confused, she maybe thought you were like a Paul McCartney type...playing everything!
+2 July 07 2017 14:08:22 rp3drums Ernie440
lol! Yeah I wish that was the case, take some of the cash too ... he is a great player, does bass best IMO though .. anyhoo .. thanks man!! :) (there are a lot of P.M. wannabes on this site, ie multiple instrument uploads ... ) You know it takes the originality and input from various players to make a good tune IMO! ... generally speaking ...
July 08 2017 00:41:26 rp3drums DrStrgeglv
Yeah, I figured that out too. It's partly about trust and familiarity with the environment, but sometimes just impatience (I guess).
July 07 2017 03:01:38
What Great work, RAY an Ernie! Such a big move! GREAT MIX! Now I gotta get back to fine tune my part, and Stella's got her part coming too!
+1 July 07 2017 14:09:27 DrStrgeglv Ernie440
Thank Dr.! :) It's a cool tune, worth the effort, you done good! :D
July 06 2017 21:39:47
2nd thumb, what's my prize? :D
Bloody good drums Ernie.

+2 July 06 2017 21:57:50 Stella Ernie440
Haha .. funnee! Sorry Stella due to you calling my bass upload "drums" your 2nd prize thumb has been cancelled. Please enter and try your luck again!! :):D :P
July 06 2017 22:06:15 Stella Stella
Omg...i am so sorry! I get so mixed up with all the adds :|
Must've got you mixed up with rp3 drums.
I guess i get the booby prize now :(
July 06 2017 22:21:13 Stella Ernie440
LOL no worries! It's funny! :D
July 06 2017 22:25:06 Stella Stella
Glad you think so!

That's the doc getting me all severed from this life lol!
July 06 2017 22:26:04 Stella Ernie440
Happens to the best of us!! ;)
July 06 2017 22:31:55 Stella Ernie440
And just to show I'm a good sport about your error, going to give you your 2nd place prize ... which is an amazing trip to the U.K. of course! :D
July 06 2017 22:40:59 Stella Stella
Hmmm. Cornwall or Devon please! :)
July 07 2017 02:58:33 Stella DrStrgeglv
Another Thumb, and back to work! (me too)
July 06 2017 19:06:52
Any thumb to this one? i don't understand it ...a great line as always,it's melodic ,fill and fits perfect ,thumb from me ,great work Ernie ;) :)
+2 July 06 2017 19:13:17 GreenDog Ernie440
haha thanks a lot Ewin, you win the first person to thumb prize!! A trip to Spain!! :D Summertime is slow on the loops I guess, thanks again my friend, appreciate the thumb!! :)
July 06 2017 19:46:01 GreenDog GreenDog
LOL :D :D I always wanted to travel to Spain ¡¡ it's my dream hahaha :D :D thank you for that prize¡¡ :D
July 06 2017 21:04:59 GreenDog Ernie440
hehehe :D

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