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So 3rd time to upload the final time --I hope so
Did some more mixing of PEWI's Flute into the adds by Demian and ArkRockStudio

Some fret less bassing?????????


July 09 2017 15:27:54
Hey Jim, I do not know what to say,so:o:o! I am very honored!! I thank you for this extraordinary work!!
+1 July 09 2017 16:31:20 Pewi GemmyF
Thank You!!!! Your playing on this is crazy good!:D
July 08 2017 03:00:12

July 08 2017 00:35:34
Really like this one. Give pewi a thumbs up from me.
+1 July 08 2017 00:48:57 Wade GemmyF
I had sent him a PM that I posted this, but I haven't seen him around for some time---I know he works 2 weeks at a time--maybe offshore, not sure, but hopefully he'll come back to enjoy his great work here!:)
July 07 2017 23:52:54
Excelent Mr Mix!

July 07 2017 23:49:57
The creature is alive again!
+2 July 07 2017 23:57:20 Demian GemmyF
Really SO!
July 07 2017 23:29:36
U guys got a cool vibe goin' on here :)

July 07 2017 21:14:04

July 07 2017 21:01:24
I was about half way in the previous version! Then it got removed and my playing doesn't fit anymore! Jim just loves to make me slave :D
+1 July 07 2017 21:03:49 eGiL GemmyF
All I did was pan Peter's Flute with volume adjustments as it pans---should have made it easier to hear the intricacies of the music.....
July 07 2017 23:01:07 eGiL eGiL
hmmm, the song didn't align up the same way anymore...but anyways, doesn't matter anymore :D
July 07 2017 20:58:31
PEWI's playing is AWESOME!
+1 July 07 2017 20:59:59 ArkRockStudio ArkRockStudio
This song is most def. playlisted and in my ipod.
July 07 2017 21:00:30 ArkRockStudio GemmyF
FOR SURE!!!!!!
This is one of the most gratifying combos I been on so far here.:D
July 07 2017 21:00:59 ArkRockStudio ArkRockStudio
Somehow random chance can actually be order...Pewis playing fits in like a glove with my accomp. Beautiful sounds everyone.
July 07 2017 20:55:17
Wait! Just need to remove my frets! :@
+1 July 07 2017 20:56:32 eGiL GemmyF
I'll email you some pliers!
July 07 2017 20:56:58 eGiL ArkRockStudio
for real?
July 07 2017 20:58:32 eGiL GemmyF
Yeah and then he can use one of the printers that make 3-D objects which will be the pliers he needs!
July 07 2017 20:58:43 eGiL eGiL
lol, no :D you can do it, but no :p not with my sweet 7 string bass :D
July 07 2017 21:03:51 eGiL ArkRockStudio
nonetheless eGiL are you going to add bro?
July 07 2017 22:04:23 eGiL eGiL
Yeah, working on it ;) But it's so spaced out and jazzed up at some points it's pretty hard to add something that's not too jazzy & messes things even more up :D
July 08 2017 03:11:10 eGiL ArkRockStudio
Sometimes less is more!! No need to get fancy!!:D

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