With You In My Arms

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I wanted to end this Saturday in beauty and this wonderful song by Tom is really ideal. I love too much this kind of country ballads and Tom is unique in this. I added a Hammond accompaniment Good night Tom and Wikiloops and thank you for listening
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Thanks for sharing Stef. Your Hammond-treatment is outstanding and in a liga for it self. Your playing are for very few people in this world. Awesome add and a beautiful track. :W:Y+1
July 09 2017 18:46:09
Stef Thank you so much dear Peter! Your words are wonderful! :) +0
:) awesome Stef+1
July 09 2017 18:46:25
Stef Thanks Gary! :) +1
bonito. perfeito Stef. bom trabalho+1
July 09 2017 18:46:44
francisco al
Stef Muito obrigado Francisco! :) +0
Excellent bro:)+1
July 09 2017 18:47:04
Lenny Cowler
Stef Thanks to you my friend! :) +1
This is a joy for the ears love your gentle touch with the Hammond :) :)+1
July 09 2017 18:47:28
Stef Thank you so much Tom! :) +0
Fantastic To The Max+1
July 09 2017 18:48:25
Stef Fantastic are your tracks Tom! It's a pleasure for me! :) +1
a very very good hammond Stef...:D+1
July 09 2017 18:48:46
Stef Thanks again Nils! :) +1
Such a fine job Stef... sure brings out the beauty of this song !!! :W+1
July 09 2017 18:49:49
Stef Yes! This is a wonderful song and it's a pleasure tom play here! Thank you so much Bruce! :) +1
fantastic addition!!! this is so good!!!! nice ballad :) well done my friend Stef!!!!:):)+1
July 09 2017 18:50:18
Stef Merit of Tom! Thank you so much dear Joao! :) +0
You add so much in backing ballads, Stef! And your solo fits so perfectly with the mood! You are a special talent my friend!+1
July 09 2017 18:51:08
Stef My dear Dan thank you and again thank you for the wonderful comment! :) +1

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