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smooth guitar lines to jam with to all... thanks for listening... if you like jump in.. chords: Bm7 | E9 | AM7 | G#m7 | C#9(b9) | F#m7| B9 | E6/B | AM7/E| F#9(b9) | Bm7 | E9 | AM7 | F#7(#5) | B7 | E | AM7 | E7 | AM7| E7 | AM7| E7 | AM7| repeat 3x A#M7 | AM7 | A#M7 | AM7 | Fm/E | A6
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jazz, jjdf, guitar


Wonderful line here jj... working on my Jazz. So maybe someday I'll try one of these :) :W+1
July 09 2017 16:26:56
jjdf Thanks my friend!!! ... I will be here looking forward hear from you... :D :D :) +0
I am always astonished by your chords progressions and by creativity Joao! Beautiful trach! :)+1
July 09 2017 16:30:28
jjdf Thanks my friend Stef!! glad you like it... I do appreciate your kind words..:) +0
a fantastic starter Joao,very very well played...;)+1
July 09 2017 16:31:15
jjdf Thanks my friend Nils!!! :) +1
Fantastic Joao :D so good my friend+1
July 09 2017 17:16:04
jjdf Thanks my friend!!!:) I do appreciate:) +1
bonita harmonia, João. bom trabalho+1
July 09 2017 21:22:53
francisco al
jjdf Olá Francisco!!! muito obrigado pelo comentário tão agradável...;) :) +0
Again Joao , a very creating progression and your personal chord voicing adds to the beauty. I so much appreciate when you provide the chords my friend!+1
July 09 2017 21:26:07
jjdf Thanks my friend Dan!!! I do appreciate your kind words and the way you verbalize your thoughts about what you listen to... so helpful, I learn a lot with you... :) :) +1
Beautiful harmonies once more easily and emotionally played by you!+1
July 09 2017 21:28:24
jjdf Thanks my dear friend Peter for always listen to my music!!! You are The best flutist I know...:D:) +1
great guitar playing - sounds beautiful Joao :)+1
July 09 2017 21:45:44
jjdf Thanks my friend Rene!!! :) +0
Muy buena composición!+1
July 12 2017 19:32:17
jjdf thanks my friend!!!:) +0
wonderful track ;o)+1
July 12 2017 19:32:48
jjdf thanks my friend!!:) +0

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