Cruising the Armadillo Avenue

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What is a cruise down the armadillo avenue, without an armadillo meandering down the street? I get to be the armadillo.. YAY. Great track by Keeper, ARS and eGil. Hd file is just my part. Sorry for any bloopers, for some reason reaper keeps pausing from time to time.. still working on that issue.


July 09 2017 20:47:40
again Don: a great Guitar <3<3<3
+1 July 09 2017 20:51:40 abuitremorem Don_T
Thanks Rene, so glad you like this my friend :)
July 09 2017 19:13:02
and another cool one Don_T...:W
+1 July 09 2017 19:14:00 slin Don_T
Thanks Nils... just have to be careful of all the traffic on the avenue or I could end up eGils road kill lunch :D
July 09 2017 18:21:53
Oh man! :) This is some sweet playing! I agree with Jim, good line!! :) That armadillo just became a hot, semi-nude armadillo babe! :D :O :@

Reaper pausing could be you're in need of more juice for your computer ;) RAM or CPU peaking?

+1 July 09 2017 18:31:06 eGiL Don_T
thanks cowboy, I will check to see if something is hogging the system. It just started doing it a couple of days ago, but it is annoying as heck
July 09 2017 18:40:42 eGiL Don_T
just checked the system.. am only using between 1 and 5 % of cpu and only 30% of memory, and that is with everything running. has to be a bug somewhere... maybe watching too much porn? LOL
July 09 2017 18:44:37 eGiL Psycho
Turn off that vibrator !!!... or maybe another application running that is giving reaper fits. Have you installed anything new? My email will sometimes mess with me, so I shut it down when recording.
July 09 2017 18:49:22 eGiL Don_T
lol no vibrators :D I haven't downloaded or installed anything new, but will try keeping everything off when recording to see if that helps.. thanks Bruce :)
July 09 2017 18:21:41
Some fine armadillo jazz you played there Don. Nice job, and stay off the road :) :W
+1 July 09 2017 18:31:26 Psycho Don_T
Thanks Bruce, I was dodging all the cars :D
July 09 2017 18:17:00
Sweet line Danté :o
+2 July 09 2017 18:32:13 GemmyF Don_T
Thanks Gemmy... I noticed you guys had it listed under blues, but it sounded more like jazz to me, so that is the direction I went in :)
July 09 2017 18:33:36 GemmyF GemmyF
Man Don't blame me for that---That's them Armadillah Boys doing!
July 09 2017 18:53:27 GemmyF eGiL
I rarely touch the genre thing when adding, will watch out a bit in the future ;) This is soft-erotica muzak, that genre seems to be missing :O
July 09 2017 18:57:57 GemmyF GemmyF
could there be a category for "bad"
"Don't Add" music
or "D-League"

cause that's where I'd be uploading to!
July 09 2017 18:59:56 GemmyF Don_T
yeah right.. you are very very good Gemmy and you know it.. there should be a Gemmy category just for your creativity :)
July 09 2017 19:03:54 GemmyF GemmyF
as they say in that movie AUSTRAILIA ..."yeahhhhh, Pride's not Powaah"
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