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heard this while browsing the archives...had to have a go. downloaded hd vox and the mp3 file. played a really gritty guitar (335) over both, then used the vox track to trigger the side chain of a gate set to duck to reduce my guitar by about 20 db's when anne was singing. then played a lead fill at around 3:12 and used the ducking trick on the previous guitar to allow the "lead" part through. So now the rhythm guitar ...


also wanted a whammy bar, but unfortunately , the only guitar i own with one is my folding steinberger, and that has no strings at the moment:(+1
It's hard to add "behind" a vocalist. You're right on the edge of pushing her back, but don't.+1
I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about with all the ducking and stuff. but I love the end result... great job, Kimbo :W+1
July 10 2017 15:20:38
kimbo Makes the sound of the track it's applied to, "duck" out of the way of another track by a predetermined amount usually triggered by the track you want to duck. +1
July 10 2017 22:39:15
Don_T Think I need to take mixing lessons from you.. I would not even begin to know how to start to do something like that.. thanks Kimbo :) +0
Great work.+1
Very creative approach. Nlends in beautifully. Love how it turned out. Great solo too.+0
July 10 2017 00:10:32
kimbo sounds a bit unrefined now... but i don't like to overdo the production thing. +1
July 10 2017 00:59:55
kimbo ....honest:) +1
Lenny Cowler
wow!!!Great play bro, thanks a lot:)+0
July 10 2017 08:10:46
Lenny Cowler
kimbo Took your cymbals out to their own reverbs as well. Hope you like +0
I love your description of what you do with the mixing, we can all learn from it! Good production. good sound, lovely song!

P.S. I could not hear any ducks :D
July 10 2017 12:18:07
kimbo ...quack quack...:D glad you enjoy the engineering descriptions, did loads more as well, but not enough characters in the comments box. I hope some of it is understood and other people benefit from it. +1
is it permitted to get goosebumps and still sound humble?
:) i loved it! no smoke, i loved the extension and the way you took off in solo flight and came down in stages. to me, i came through loud and clear - while you added ducks in the best orderly way possible. i applaud your spirit of creative adventure, always, Kim. good job! :)
July 12 2017 08:09:07
kimbo I love the way you always find something nice to say. Thanks for that and for sharing your awesome talent with all us mortals. Xx +1
July 14 2017 01:24:39
kimbo thanks again...really enjoying listen to this again...so like this sound/vibe...mind... it is thursday..late! +0
via wikiloops radio
Wow Anne is amazing on this, as is everyone else!+0
July 13 2017 20:09:05
kimbo anne is ALWAYS amazing! +0

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