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FrankMil193 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)

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kimbo309 jams Supporter
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heard this while browsing the archives...had to have a go.
downloaded hd vox and the mp3 file. played a really gritty guitar (335) over both, then used the vox track to trigger the side chain of a gate set to duck to reduce my guitar by about 20 db's when anne was singing. then played a lead fill at around 3:12 and used the ducking trick on the previous guitar to allow the "lead" part through. So now the rhythm guitar has the normal noise gate on the entry to the signal chain, then a ducking gate set with annes hd vocal as the side chain trigger and then, another gate with its side chain set on the lead part.
kept it quick n dirty, but it still took 2 and 1/2 hours most of the time spent getting the really gritty sound i wanted on the rhythm guitar.


July 13 2017 13:36:18 via wikiloops radio
Wow Anne is amazing on this, as is everyone else!
+0 July 13 2017 20:09:05 rp3drums kimbo
anne is ALWAYS amazing!
July 12 2017 01:03:27
is it permitted to get goosebumps and still sound humble?
:) i loved it! no smoke, i loved the extension and the way you took off in solo flight and came down in stages. to me, i came through loud and clear - while you added ducks in the best orderly way possible. i applaud your spirit of creative adventure, always, Kim. good job! :)

+0 July 12 2017 08:09:07 AnneCozean kimbo
I love the way you always find something nice to say. Thanks for that and for sharing your awesome talent with all us mortals. Xx
July 14 2017 01:24:39 AnneCozean kimbo
thanks again...really enjoying listen to this again...so like this sound/vibe...mind... it is thursday..late!
July 10 2017 09:20:59
I love your description of what you do with the mixing, we can all learn from it! Good production. good sound, lovely song!

P.S. I could not hear any ducks :D

+0 July 10 2017 12:18:07 TeeGee kimbo
...quack quack...:D glad you enjoy the engineering descriptions, did loads more as well, but not enough characters in the comments box. I hope some of it is understood and other people benefit from it.
July 10 2017 07:14:04
Great work.

July 10 2017 05:05:50
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
wow!!!Great play bro, thanks a lot:)
+0 July 10 2017 08:10:46 Lenny Cowler kimbo
Took your cymbals out to their own reverbs as well. Hope you like
July 10 2017 03:33:10
I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about with all the ducking and stuff. but I love the end result... great job, Kimbo :W
+1 July 10 2017 15:20:38 Don_T kimbo
Makes the sound of the track it's applied to, "duck" out of the way of another track by a predetermined amount usually triggered by the track you want to duck.
July 10 2017 22:39:15 Don_T Don_T
Think I need to take mixing lessons from you.. I would not even begin to know how to start to do something like that.. thanks Kimbo :)
July 10 2017 01:06:00
It's hard to add "behind" a vocalist. You're right on the edge of pushing her back, but don't.

July 10 2017 00:05:10
Very creative approach. Nlends in beautifully. Love how it turned out. Great solo too.
+0 July 10 2017 00:10:32 FrankMil kimbo
sounds a bit unrefined now... but i don't like to overdo the production thing.
July 10 2017 00:59:55 FrankMil kimbo
July 09 2017 23:46:48
also wanted a whammy bar, but unfortunately , the only guitar i own with one is my folding steinberger, and that has no strings at the moment:(


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