Only You Live if Have Dreams

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Template jazzy with drums, bass and piano keys soft chords for your ideas, instruments, voclas o solos. Enjoy... Technical info to interested bassists or loopers: - Bass: Marcus Miller Sire bass fretless Thomastik flatwound strings touch on neck pickup - Set EQ on the bass: flat active EQ with 60% low 50% med 60 % treble - Amplifier: AshDown MiBass 220 watt DI-OUT signal + OUT-jack signal with flat EQ - Effect in the loop in/out amplifier: Pandora Stomp Motown - Interface: FocusRite Scarlett Solo double ...


I come across Dan :) - great! When I read your description, I have a bad conscience.+1
August 06 2017 21:50:35
GlezBass Thanks abu. Bad conscience...why? +0
August 06 2017 21:52:59
abuitremorem I describe too little or too little exactly. Descriptions are however helpful, even if something is not so ideal :) +0
August 06 2017 21:55:05
GlezBass I describe it to remember then how I did it and to share techniques with the loopers, so we all get useful information on how to make the jams improveable he he :D +0
August 06 2017 21:57:16
abuitremorem Yes, and so we all go a little further. Because I do too little, I have a bad conscience :) :) :) +0
Somehow I missed this but glad I found it with Tof's guitar add! Your compositions and your choice of instrumentation is always good and as always your playing is EXCELLENT. I got a real good idea how good you are when I worked on my add to Tof's add. I would pay to see you at a club!+1
August 06 2017 18:14:58
GlezBass :D Thanks Dan... "in vivo" only play one instrument!! ha ha. I would see myself playing the bass even though I sometimes record a live loop and play on the loop line with the bass. I have always believed that here there are quality musicians to do excellent live sessions practicing a little, you would be one of them without a doubt :D +1
Lenny Cowler
July 31 2017 19:25:11
Lenny Cowler
GlezBass Thanks Lenny :) +1
Wonderful soft theme! :)+1
July 12 2017 13:23:10
GlezBass Thanks Stef:) +0
francisco al
muito bom, Mario+1
July 12 2017 13:23:23
francisco al
GlezBass Obrigado +0
You know how I love these sorts of close harmonies. Good one!+1
July 11 2017 00:19:14
GlezBass Here you have material for your sax, the next I have not left any space, but here is plenty for loopers ;) +1
a mezclar ahora

la otra de jazz cuando la fui a descargar al final me descargue otra que no queria jajaja despues la busco y la mezclo
July 10 2017 21:24:32
GlezBass ;) +1
Great track amigo !
Puedo jugar cromático sobre un diatónico... Ciertos acuerdos me piden una verdadera gimnasia... Dé yo poco tiempo y voy a mirar ;)
July 10 2017 19:59:44
GlezBass Is just in case you are interested, I think your harp fits here very well ...

Es solo por si le interesa, creo que su harp encaja aqui muy bien... ;)
very very good and well played Glez...;)+1
July 10 2017 17:17:10
GlezBass Thanks Nils :) +1
Brilliant recording and quality performance. Great vibe and melody. <3+1
July 10 2017 15:32:08
GlezBass Thanks so much Heidi :) +0

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