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Beautiful musical statements by Titi and Peter! I could not resist playing with these Great musicians. I added from 2:23.


July 18 2017 07:18:43
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bom, Itocpogo
+1 July 18 2017 15:40:51 francisco al Itocpogo
Muito obrigado, como sempre por ouvir, eu aprecio isso!
July 15 2017 15:41:33
Hi Dan, I was very happy when I saw that you came on board! Thank you for your fantastic SaxB):)
+1 July 15 2017 18:28:01 Pewi Itocpogo
Thank You so much Peter! My friend, what made me so inspired is following you and Titi! Both of you play with such passion and excellent melodic statements!
July 12 2017 12:26:55
Wonderful add Dan. Really great. I like this track very much. "Three great guys in one band". :W:W:W
+1 July 12 2017 16:03:42 Peterpingo Itocpogo
Thank you very much, Peter! I am so honored when I can play with Titi and Peter!
July 11 2017 23:04:23
The best conclusion of this wonderful track of other times with your great solo. It's great to hear the different but wonderful styles of two great sax players. To taste from the first to the last note. Great Dan! :) :)
+2 July 12 2017 16:02:38 Stef Itocpogo
Thank you so very much, Stef! I so miss yester-year when I played and talked to other musicians especially sax players, all looking to share in making each other better. Many think that musicians looking for work deliberately try to win a music job by discrediting the other sax player. So untrue.... because we all know the talent will always win out and nothing wrong if you lose (which I have many times) because all are not equal in talent, style and what the potential employer is looking for. Wikiloops is a gift from the music gods allowing musicians to find each other and make music.
July 11 2017 21:06:54
Nice Collection of players here Dan, You sum it quite nicely too!:D:Y
+1 July 12 2017 15:55:03 GemmyF Itocpogo
Thank You very much, Jim! Where else can musicians from all styles and generations make music together? No place but Wikiloop and I am privileged to collaborate with all these great musicians.
July 11 2017 20:34:18
Super track from you guys,and a great ending from your beautiful playing :);)
+1 July 12 2017 15:52:58 petebass Itocpogo
Thank You very much, Pete! I appreciate your very kind words!
July 11 2017 20:20:05
what a superb theme all of you guys delivery here!!!!! man this is great sax... your signature is here Dan, marvelous.. <3 :)
+1 July 12 2017 15:52:07 jjdf Itocpogo
Thank You very much Joao! There is no other web site that has so many great musician sharing musical styles and Wikiloops makes it possible to collaborate with them!
July 11 2017 20:05:23
Thierry created the base. Peter played with the Sax a theme, which Thierry again excellently recorded and continued. And you Dan with your Sax the conclusion. Wonderful. This is something you probably only find here, and so this track makes the best advertising for Wikiloops. Big compliment.
+2 July 12 2017 15:48:52 abuitremorem Itocpogo
Thank You so much Rene! I appreciate you so ver kind words! I am so honored and grateful to be able to play with Peter and Titi, outstanding musicians that make beautiful music!
July 11 2017 18:56:13
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good:)
+1 July 12 2017 15:46:38 Lenny Cowler Itocpogo
Thank You very much Lenny, I appreciate it!
July 11 2017 17:59:20
<3 You me made a great honor Dan. :)
I hoped you on this and here you are....
Sharpness and subtlety of your play. Quiet and precise, the change of octave that you made is magic !!! Many thanks !

+1 July 12 2017 15:45:47 titi Itocpogo
Thank You so much Tti! I am humbled by your kind words. My friend it was my distinct honor to play with you and Peter. I always look for tracks that I can play with both of you! My Thanks to you for the magical music that you make the we can share in!

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