The Zone

Remix step #5 (playing)


Tofzegrit1192 jams Supporter
+ 13
And Hop hop hop... in the Zone :)


July 13 2017 16:50:57
Man, Great guitar playing! 2:03-13 is beautiful!

July 13 2017 05:01:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
great play:)

July 13 2017 03:53:40
Nice addition! I like your tone, and the solo was very cool :)
+1 July 13 2017 07:17:16 jaeusm Tofzegrit
So cool you also added to this one!
Merci Jason
July 13 2017 03:05:52
All of what Martin said. Such a good fit and excellent add. Red section cool solo.
+1 July 13 2017 07:17:30 Wade Tofzegrit
Merci Wade
July 13 2017 01:07:36
Your impossible ability to blend in continues! The way you keep in the background is as musical as it is impressive. You chose your place and stuck to it, achieving that rare musical trick of only being noticed if you were removed.

A superb add worthy of recognition not just for your inimitable playing style and quality but for your total appreciation of your place in the song.

+2 July 13 2017 02:31:34 mpointon Tofzegrit
Thanks a lot Martin.
I'm in a "live" configuration now with a new Pedalboard (instead of switching vst tone (s) channels.
So... First I had to set up a bit my sounds to fit with the existing "backing track" then Pushing the right button at the right time !!!
Playing with you all here was the more easy... As usual
July 12 2017 22:39:55
:) this style you own my friend
+1 July 12 2017 22:51:38 axenvocs Tofzegrit
and #111031 is yours and waiting for you :)
Merci Gary
July 12 2017 21:45:22
Super nice Fresh and fun :) fit with this cool track

July 12 2017 21:44:53
TofZone! You crawled in beautifully! Not so easy to jump in after the vocals! But you managed greatly! Good to hear that you handle your new gear this good! :)
+1 July 12 2017 22:18:48 Marceys Tofzegrit
I've renamed my custom patch Marceysongs :)
So glad to be able to push the right switch at the right moment (changing colours too), it's very new ! and I've played a 2nd guitar with another sound (doubling the vocals in intro then background at the end)
Glad you like it my friend ((((:)))))
July 12 2017 21:24:33
Hop hop the Admiral is on bord !! :D
Very cool add mon ami !! :)

+1 July 12 2017 22:53:26 frankyguitar Tofzegrit
Oh Franky !! merci
I've new gear!! new guitar and pedalboard Line6 Helix LT and I must re start to play live with switching pedals.... Forever Young (you will see my true playing not hidden Under my usual tones :) )
July 13 2017 05:50:39 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Yes, i've seen it! You will play live with a new band? :D:W
This sounds very cool and interesting :)

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