The cavern of unfulfiled dreams

Remix step #2 (playing)
New Zealand


Wade373 jams Supporter
+ 13
A classic Rob track and a beauty. Sopranino comes in at 1:11. Hope you like lots of reverb and delay.


July 18 2017 00:32:43
Finally getting to hear tracks again and what a way to start :D
I think Nuno said it best, you really have a natural ability to blend in as if you are always part of the song. Thank you for jammin my friend :)

+1 July 19 2017 00:19:44 RobM Wade
Always a pleasure to be inspired by one of your tracks. So glad you like.
July 16 2017 17:29:59
You have this .. uncanny ability to just "meld in" anything you set your sights onto & make it sound so bloody natural.
Too cool...

+1 July 16 2017 23:49:39 nuno1959 Wade
Thank you Nuno! Getting excited about the jam? Counting the days?
July 17 2017 06:31:26 nuno1959 nuno1959
Oh, you bet i am !!
Already fully checked in & ready to go.. ;)
July 15 2017 04:19:11
Fantastic combination of talent !! Well done Wade!!
+1 July 16 2017 00:07:03 WHITEPONGO Wade
Cheers WHITEPONGO! I've played more than a few with Rob, so get his "style". Hopefully can play more with you in the near future.
July 15 2017 03:40:43
+1 July 16 2017 00:05:35 Demian Wade
So good of you to drop in for a listen. Thanks.
July 15 2017 01:50:12
Wow! :D Your sax sounds amazing on this!
+1 July 16 2017 00:05:01 Ernie440 Wade
Hey Ernie. Glad you like. Heck of a lot of reverb/delay!
July 14 2017 23:42:36
Super job, Wade.. the reverb and delay add a lot of depth and your playing is dancing wonderfully with Robs guitar :W
+1 July 16 2017 00:03:38 Don_T Wade
So kind of you to have a listen and comment. Thanks! I always feel a little shy about when so much reverb and delay is used. Can even make my singing sound good.
July 16 2017 01:22:35 Don_T Don_T
Then sing away my friend :)
July 14 2017 16:17:04
a very very good add Wade...;)
+1 July 14 2017 23:49:14 slin Wade
Cheers Nils. Glad you took time to listen and enjoy.
July 14 2017 13:33:14
Wunderbar Wade, those effects on the sopranino just the perfect fit for this cavernous soundscape...great job!
+1 July 14 2017 23:48:36 bluesdog Wade
Thanks bluesdog. Yea, had to go into the cavern if I wanted to play on this one. fortunately it's a sound that is very complimentary to the sound of the sax.
July 14 2017 12:01:31
I just love your unique playing, Wade. Excellent choice for Robs template.
+1 July 14 2017 23:46:38 Liesching Wade
Hey Marc, so good to hear your recent track and that you can spring free occasionally to join us. Unique? Ha, other sax players would say I'm too lazy to try and sound like Coltrane or some other sax god. Thanks!
July 14 2017 10:24:46
Incredible the charm and spatiality that your sopranino adds to this beautiful track. Your long soft wonderful lines supported by the excellent nervous arpeggio of the guitar are in perfect symbiosis. Opposites attract themselves and this is so marvelously obvious here.
+1 July 14 2017 23:43:35 Stef Wade
I'd love to own all the comments from you. Fact is I'm not at all clever in conceiving any of this, just going along with the way it "feels". Nevertheless, many thanks and glad you enjoyed.

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