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Liesching112 jams Supporter
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This is a remix of JDF´s Song #106227 with an entire new instrumental arrangement. James, I admire your sensitive, wise, somehow broken, utterly beautiful and outstandinig voice and singing! Thank you!


July 20 2017 09:33:57
wonderful gift :)

July 18 2017 08:10:59
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bom, Liesching. cata legal. bonito
+1 July 18 2017 08:20:48 francisco al Liesching
Thank you very much, Francisco! :)
July 15 2017 19:42:26
molto bella, un giro armonico nuovo!
+1 July 15 2017 22:00:07 barbax Liesching
Mille Grazie Barbax! :)
July 15 2017 13:12:50
Lovely one with james Liesching :) Great arrangement and sounds
+1 July 15 2017 18:37:11 GuitarPlyr Liesching
Thank you very much, GP! Much appreciated! :)
July 15 2017 11:18:17
Perfekt! Welche Instrumente? Immer noch Hardware, oder hast Du die Spitfirestrings?
+2 July 15 2017 15:30:16 pkliesch titi
Bonjour Patrick ;)
July 15 2017 10:52:30
Such emotion...Utter internal enjoyment. Such a marvelous piece. I am humbled, honored and blessed to be able to do this. Thank you for your relentless creative passion. The world is a better place with you in it my friend.
+1 July 15 2017 10:54:30 JDF JDF
I can hear this in a Motion Picture.
July 15 2017 11:52:59 JDF Liesching
Thank you very much, James. I´m really glad you like this. I tried hard to find a match between sensitive violins, viola and Cello and your instantly
recognisable voice, attractively fragile and mellow. Thiswas my first experience with symphonic strings from spitfire audio. I hope I´ll get more familiar with this library. Then we could work together more often, if you like to. I´d love it! :) Best wishes.
July 16 2017 23:40:41 JDF JDF
That would be outstanding. I would love to do more pieces with you. It is difficult to put music to existing vocals. I love the feeling and emotion that you brought out, to what I felt. Just a fantastic mix.
July 15 2017 02:50:33
+2 July 15 2017 11:45:48 akethesnaker Liesching
Thanks, Ake! :)
July 14 2017 23:30:15
Perfect juxtaposition of the broken vocals that have within them beauty, yet they "punch" with your soft strings that underlie the emotions with all the beauty and impact of a Mahler Adagio.
+2 July 15 2017 11:45:30 Wade Liesching
Thank you, Wade. I´m experimenting with strings samples from spitfire audio. Difficult to play but my guess is that they sound more realistic than other libraries. Maybe I´ll arrange a symphony for sax as one od my next projects after a summer break. Have a great time, my friend :)
July 16 2017 00:24:21 Wade Wade
Hard to believe how good many of those samples are now. The only sad part is that there's potentially less demand for real players. As a composer though it means that you can fully hear your compositions. Looking forward to hearing more.

If javisax is still around he'd be the perfect player for a classical sax work.
July 14 2017 23:28:53
Fantastic Marc :D so beautiful
+2 July 15 2017 11:37:59 ivax Liesching
Gracias Xavi. Have a great summer in Spain, my friend! :)
July 15 2017 19:37:14 ivax ivax
Thanks Marc, I wish you the same,amigo :D
July 14 2017 22:37:53
sensitive and so lovely and very moving from you both Marc and James :) heartfelt lyrics and vocals from James and such a beautiful arrangement Marc :)
+2 July 15 2017 11:37:22 Shi Liesching
Thank you very much, Lady. I really appreciate your listen :)

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